Pick the Water Heater You Need From the 5 Available Types 

Factors like the volume of hot water consumption and cost as well as the choice of energy source, electric or gas and whether it is domestic or commercial installation influence the choice of water heaters. You can take help from companies like Proline Plumbing & Rooter to select the right type for your requirement. 

In this article, we will briefly discuss the five types of water heaters that should help you in the selection of the right one.

Storage tank water heater

This type of water heater consists of an insulated water tank that stores hot water for any time use as the water remains hot for many hours. The tank has an inlet and outlet valve, a pressure control valve and a temperature control valve. When the water temperature reaches 120oF, the temperature valve opens automatically to prevent overheating, and the pressure relief valve activatesat 150psi.  Installing the water heater is easy, but the amount of hot water available depends on the capacity of the tank.

Tankless water heater

Also known as on-demand water heater, the equipment uses superheated coils which, when filled with water, can supply hot water instantly when needed without the need of a tank.  Even large families can receive adequate hot water supply quickly provided you choose the right size. This type of water is suitable for homes that use natural gas for heating water.  Running larger models of tankless hot water heaters on electricity can prove costly due to high power consumption, but smaller models work excellently. The water heater can last for 8-10 years with yearly cleaning to keep the equipment free from the mineral deposit and scale formation.  

Heat pump water heater

The heat in the air and ground are the sources of energy for this type of water heater that people also call Hybrid water heater. Electricity is required to drive the heat from the air or ground to the equipment but not for heating water. The equipment is highly energy efficient as it uses 60% less electricity than traditional water heaters. The equipment requires large space for installation, especially the vertical height, must be at least 8 feet to accommodate the pump. Since the water heater uses a tank, its periodical cleaning is necessary.

Solar-powered water heater

The roof-mounted solar panels are the source of energy for this type of water heater that is the most energy-efficient equipment among all types of water heaters. The water in the tank gets heated by the energy transferred to a close-loop system that contains a heat conductive element that heats water. Aback-up system of gas or electricity is required to keep the system running on days when the sun does not make an appearance.

Condensing water heater

For families that use natural gas as the primary source of energy, this type of heater is an excellent choice. It uses the heated exhaust from the natural gas system through coils at the bottom of the water tank to heat water. The system uses very little energy and is highly cost-effective.  

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