The Beauty of Wood in Buildings

Indispensable in any architectural design, the door is that element that every expert is obliged to specify in his work, probably starting from the premise that wooden doors are a great aesthetic element both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the great beauty, incredible versatility of its wood essence, which adapts very easily to all types of environments, needs and preferences, both at home and anywhere, which undoubtedly converts them into a useful, beautifully embellishing and functional element that, when open, allows ventilation and natural illumination to enter.

The wooden doors, always bring significant and special beauty, such as doors in the main entrance or as doors in the interiors; either in a house, in the office, in the farm or cabin especially when installing with expertise which is used by Windows & Doors Oakville.

The Advantage of Wooden Doors

Security and resistance

Due to its weight, resistance, and stability, wooden doors have the property of being safer, with the capacity to withstand extreme temperatures without deforming, since solid wood is a material of excellent insulation due to its low ability in conducting heat thermal that allows conserving the heat of the house. In addition, it works as an efficient acoustic insulator, and if that were not enough, it guarantees long durability if it is well treated, and as it has great maneuverability, its recovery or restoration is highly viable.

Ecological Advantages

First, it is a renewable forest resource with sustainable use and processing that does not harm the environment.

Secondly, you require less energy to produce wood, because trees use solar energy for their development. The energy needed to convert wood into final construction materials like doors, windows, furniture, and others, is much lower than what is needed to process other materials like aluminum, steel or PVC.

Thirdly, when the life cycle of the wood ends, it can be processed into new materials like boards. Last but not least, wood acts as a drain on carbon dioxide, the well-known CO2, and therefore contributes to reducing climate change.

In the specific case of doors, wood is an ideal material due to three reasons:

  • It has a good resistance in contrast to its low density.
  • It has an excellent facility to be worked in its machining, unions, etc.
  • It is a material with good availability.

All these technical and environmental advantages make the wood the main material used in carpentry, mainly in doors and windows.

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