Taking Advantage Of Commercial Roofs For Urban Farming

When one thinks of the city they imagine a bustling area full of sounds, lights, conversations, and commerce. Here one doesn’t often think of the farm life. Yet when one rises loftily, up to towering perches that take in the city sights…there may lay a serene, hidden gem of life; called a green roof. This roof top treasure is a place where one takes what was once an unattractive, often unused portion of their building, and transforms it. The space turns into that which is usable, lucrative, enjoyable, and becomes an environmentally responsible asset.

What Are The Benefits Of A Green Roof?

Green roofs are more than ever becoming viable options for individuals and companies. Many are wanting to expand their enterprises into sustainable development, and at the same time, make a marked profit upon their investment. Turning an unused flat roof into a usable green space is a valuable solution for many companies. Green roofs enable a commercial building to reduce the heat island effect, support local habitats like bird, insect, bee populations, and reduce energy costs. During the summer a green roof can cut down on heat loss and air-conditioning expenditure. During the colder months, a green roof helps insulate the building; thereby lowering heating bills. The Ford plant in Michigan reported that their green roof created a temperature difference of about 10 degrees. This provided for them a significant cost savings. Within a short period of time their green roof paid for itself. These systems work in a variety of climates, including here in Missouri. Forbes reported in 2017, that the Jarvis Center in NY City had an energy savings of 25% per year.

Storm damage is also a serious & costly problem. Green roofs help with city infrastructure in that they aid in water retention, and lessen water run off. Reducing water run off helps prevent flooding. Having a green barrier on your roof, can also protect your building from hail damage. Many cities have implemented green roof projects, and urban farming into their sustainability plans. Progressively, cities are offering incentives, tax breaks, and perks for companies that utilize their rooftop spaces.

Another important benefit of commercial green roof installation, is that employees have an oasis to go to and gather socially. Green spaces have been shown to reduce stress and improve productivity. A garden roof can bring employees together and foster a shared pride in their company. They know that they are a part of making their environment a more beautiful place. Employers can encourage employee participation and involvement. Employees can also reap the benefit of fresh produce and vegetation in their offices and cafeterias. Investors and business owners can profit from added rental spaces; right on their roofs. Many urban farmers, are looking for rooftops to grow on. Many restaurants and grocers are looking for local, low cost, fresh produce that is sustainably grown. Things like collards, kale, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, beans, beets, and a variety of herbs can be grown and harvested from such projects. Utilizing unused roofs for green spaces has become a compelling community movement that greatly benefits the local economy and its residents.

What’s involved?

A green roof can employ a simple, low maintenance, vegetative mat. That means there are no edible food items, just aesthetically pleasing plants that don’t need much fuss. Other green roof projects include food production. Many are choosing to grow organic produce right in the city. Some are even bringing in their own bee populations, selling the honey, and other bee products. When it comes to roof top food production, the possibilities are endless. Other applications include solar arrays which further benefit the cost of operations and supplement energy expenditures. Often too, there are considerable tax benefits, reimbursements, and federal incentives for installing solar technology within a green roof system.

The actual installation of a green roof is very simple. We first put down water detention barrier. We apply the finest in industry standards with TPO and EPDM membranes. On top of that, we place a drainage & root barrier, which is what we call a 3D entangled mesh. This protects the integrity of the roof. Farmers and gardeners can utilize a variety of soil and mulch options to maximize their crop output. Walkways, patios, and gathering spaces can also be included.

A Beautiful Rooftop

Imagine sitting in a verdant and lush garden, that is considerably cooler due to transpiration, from the vegetation itself. The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, the wind is blowing gently. Bright vistas abound, and life is good. There are contractors that can bring this garden retreat into a reality for you.  

Lionheart, is one of many Kansas City commercial roofing contractors, that are passionate about the services they provide. They take personal responsibility for the integrity of many skilled contractors. With their local and experienced source for urban farming installations, they provide the absolute best in commercial roofing solutions. Lionheart is paramount in providing exceptional quality and customer service. They are fully licensed and bonded, so that you can have a seamless, and carefree experience enjoying a beautiful commercial green roof.

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