What are the Causes of Leaks?

The roof is the essential aspect of the house whose role is to protect it from the outside, therefore from the air, but mainly from the water. It guarantees the excellent health of the structure of a home. The waterproofness of your steel roofing is therefore essential to ensure the best possible comfort in your home, but also to lower your energy consumption.

What is a Waterproof Roof?

A roof is waterproof when it protects the inhabitants of the house from cold and humidity. To ensure this comfort, a roof must neither allow water to enter the dwelling, nor the air. To be waterproof, a roof must respect basic rules. First, the air circulation must be optimized in the house thanks to mechanical ventilation. Then, the roof must be made with materials and products themselves waterproof, and finally, we must be rigorous and careful when working on a roof, particularly ensure its finishes.

An unsealed roof causes condensation in a house, a mold that degrades the building and drafts lines that are unpleasant for residents.

Causes of Waterproofing Problems in a Roof

A Lack of Waterproofing Flashings

Flashings are strips of plaster, often mortar, which allows connecting surfaces between them. But on a roof, they can be the cause of sealing problems if they are damaged or poorly done.

The Absence of an Under-roof Screen

As we will see later in this article, the under-roof screen is the essential element to ensure the maximum sealing of a roof. It represents indeed a real shield placed between the tiles and the frame to avert the water or the wind from infiltrating the house.

Broken or Damaged Tiles

Besides water and air that can cause damage to a home or make it uncomfortable to live in, strong gales can damage or break tiles and make the roof leak-proof. Regular monitoring of the cover is essential, also think about cleaning and defoaming.

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