Some Great Style Ideas For Your Bathroom Tiles

There’s no doubt that we spend a lot of time in the bathroom – whether it be starting your day getting prepared for work, having a long, hot shower after the day is done or grooming yourself in the mirror, a bathroom is key to making sure we look and feel good. With this in mind, it makes sense to create a space that contributes to these feelings, and the design of your bathroom goes a long way in ensuring this. In terms of eye-catching aesthetics, the options are certainly vast for the bathroom, so in this article we provide some great tips to give you a better idea of what you should be going for in a new bathroom design.

Decorations that make all the difference

Whether you’re building a brand new bathroom or are looking to renovate, finding the right decorative tiles in Brisbane is one of the best ways to instantly make your bathroom feel like a special space. With countless styles available on the market today, one of the best tile designs you can implement are graphic pattern tiles. Graphic patterns – whether they be delicate and simple or brash and complex – allow you to introduce bold patterns that can make your bathroom feel like a completely unique environment in your house – whether you choose to use them in your floors, walls or both, you can select colours that speak to you and make the space reflect your personality a great deal. If you’re more interested in reserved colour palettes, you might consider neutral tones like white, grey and cream to help transform your bathroom into a calm, relaxing space – perfect for when you want to lie in the bath and unwind. If you like the idea of neutral tines but want to make your bathroom a little bit more interesting, using textures allows you add depth and variation to your space.

More style ideas to help you get inspired

If you’re after something a bit different for your space but don’t want to be too outlandish, matte finishes are the way to go. Although they don’t have the glossy sheen of polished tiles, they are comparatively hands-off in their maintenance, as they don’t require the constant upkeep that polished tiles demand. Instead, they look cool and sleek even when covered in the smears, smudges and watermarks that inevitably cover bathrooms (even a few hours after cleaning). Matte tiles work wonderfully in conjunction with wood as well, allowing your bathroom to feel much warmer and traditional. Speaking of wood, timber look tiles really enable bathrooms to demonstrate an effortlessly natural look that will further give the impression of calmness and a sense of nature. Although real wood can warp, scratch and dent easily if it isn’t appropriately treated for a bathroom, wood tiles provide much of the look of timber without a lot of the hassle.

 What tiles are right for you?

A bathroom often represents someone’s personality, which will invariably affect the kinds of tiles they go for. This can mean that doing a bit of research is the best way to find the right tile scheme for you, as it’s only seeing a few finished designs that you can easily see what strikes a chord best.

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