Smartest Packages for the Best BTO Renovation

Regardless of whether the renovation of the apartment will be big or small, it should be properly prepared. Check how much it costs to repair the apartment, how to prepare for renovation and where to start. We present renovation advice in a nutshell.

If you plan to renovate an apartment, you will need a good plan and interesting ideas for refreshing the apartment. Precise planning of the renovation of the apartment will avoid chaos, costly mistakes and stress. Before you start to renovate your apartment, think first of all what you want to do and specify – with a pencil in your hand – how much money you can spend on renovation. You can go for the BTO renovation packages there.

Renovation of the flat: where to start

A traditional renovation of a flat is, for example, painting walls, laying tiles or terracotta tiles, replacing bathroom ceramics, floor scraping etc. Preparing graphics, think about which of these renovation works you want to do, what you want to change and what to refresh. Their order is also important. If you think about it well, you will shorten the time of renovation of the apartment to a minimum. Remember that the order of works should be set so as not to spoil what has already been completed. At the beginning, put the most difficult works, taking the most time, e.g. electrical installation corrections, leveling walls, tiling works or floor scraping. Another item is painting windows, doors and walls. Finish the renovation related to the flat at the end.

Renovation of the flat: how many materials to buy?

When planning is behind you, write down all the accessories and materials needed to renovate the flat. This way you will avoid downtime due to lack of nail, screw or paint. Do not forget to calculate the exact area of ​​the repaired room. Thanks to this, you will not have to run around shops and look for missing paints or wallpapers during renovation. Also, remember to buy more glaze or terracotta . The supply will be needed for cutting, and it will also be useful when some tiles are destroyed. This also applies to panels and parquet and finishing materials. Usually you have to buy them by 10-15 percent. more. Especially that some of the materials are produced in short series and after a few weeks you can no longer get the given pattern. Add to the shopping list also adhesive tape, sheets of foil and cardboard to protect the floor and furniture. Attention! Construction products and materials should have the CE mark (ie in accordance with European Union directives) and the B mark (this means that the product complies with all requirements).

If the costs of renovating a flat or a house start to exceed our financial capabilities, it is best to sit down with a renovation team and honestly talk about what you can save and set priority work together. Everyone who has been renovating an apartment knows that in this situation, a well-chosen and honest team, its experience and advice are worth their weight in gold.

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