Kitchen Trends for 2019

Many times you may like to experiment with the kitchen of your house and love to remodel it with the latest trends. You may at times feel perplexed as to how to begin the planning. People like to look for what is missing in their kitchen or how to modify the kitchen cabinets. Hence, you should look at the kitchen cabinets Toronto suggestions for latest trends of 2019.

Matte Finish Cabinets

People always love the slick look which matte finish gives. The matte kitchen cabinets are attractive enough and easily maintained.

Dark is in

To add some drama in your home and make it look elegant, black and the darker shades are in trend. In comparison to standard white or ivory, this is a decent alternative.

Keep appliances out of sight

Microwaves and any other appliances if kept above the lower cabinetry may give a look of the cluttered kitchen. Henceforth, the latest trends suggest going with under the counter appliances.

Vertical Fridges

If you are inclined towards saving space in your kitchen, one should opt for vertically tall fridges. It gives a distinctive as well as refreshing look to the kitchen in comparison to the standard ones.

Variety of Textures

People getting confused with colors can select a wide variety of warm woods over the kitchen floor or shiplap over the walls to give a subtle effect. For ceiling white beadboard is preferred.

Terrazzo Surfaces

Earlier in the ’50s and ’60s Terrazzo surfaces were used which again came into use in ’80s. Now they are back in the list as many designers feel it better than marble. They give the kitchen a smooth finish.

Concrete Look

Minimal and low budget designs are mostly preferred and so concrete backsplashes, flooring or countertops are contemporary kitchen ideas.

Open shelves

Keeping in mind the busy schedule of people, open shelving is created. You can find things quickly, add a statement wallpaper and display the kitchenware in a beautiful way.

Mix and Match Technique

Kitchen cabinets, flooring and ceilings everything should not look monotonous. Thus, it is better to explore different looks like two tone cabinets with contrasting elements. You can do it all personalized.

Deep Drawers and Unique Looking Sinks

Storage is an important part of the kitchen and thus, cabinet with deep drawers are suggested today. It gives place for cooking and arranges things well. Also, now intricate design sinks have taken over the old farmhouse sinks. These are made of unique materials which are good for drainage.

Add Some Color or Geometrical Designs

To avoid the boring looking kitchen, better to add some colorful furniture or bright color pottery in the cabinet. You can even add tiles in geometric shapes such as octagon which are pleasing to the eyes.


With these latest trends, you can add softness to your kitchen. Choose the designs best suitable for remodelling your kitchen and consult kitchen cabinets Toronto to get the proper guidance.

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