Practical Options for the Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning is associated primarily with pleasant coolness. Modern systems, however, have an additional function: heating. Thanks to this, air conditioners have become all-season devices. This is a good solution for people who want to have one equipment for two different tasks.

Heating from the air conditioner works best when the outdoor temperature does not exceed -15 ° C

This rule applies only to standard devices. Manufacturers of specialized systems offer much more. For example, heating with the air-conditioner works perfectly even on 30-degree freezing temperatures. In Polish conditions, this means that the inventor air conditioning can work throughout the winter. For the aircon servicing in Singapore this is the most important matter.

How does the air conditioner work? Construction of the device

The air conditioning system fulfills its tasks thanks to various elements. In the spring and summer season, it takes heat from the room using a built-in evaporator, which simultaneously cools the environment. The heated air is transported by the refrigerant (also called working) to the condenser, from where it exits outside the house. All processes are connected by the compressor and expansion valve, which serve to lower the pressure of the working medium, as well as the fans. The latter increase the air flow around the condenser and evaporator.

When it comes to heating air conditioning in winter, the whole process is reversed. The evaporator operates in the outdoor unit and the refrigerant liquefies. In this way, the air inside the apartment is insulated.

Reversing the work is very easy: just press the appropriate button on the remote control or the air conditioner itself. The system automatically changes its operation.

Does heating the air conditioner at home affect your health?

Investments in a year-round inverter air conditioner are met with resistance especially among people who are not familiar with its operation. In addition, there are many harmful myths about these devices. Heating air conditioning and health – is there anything to fear? This question can be answered briefly: air conditioning does not harm health at all.

Let even dry air serve as an example. The general opinion is that closed windows in winter protect against colds. In fact, the dry air that remains in such a tightly closed room, strains the airways and mucous membranes. And this, in consequence, causes cough and inflammation. Several models of Daikin air conditioners have the function of humidifying the air, which eliminates these problems. In addition, different types of filters protect against pollution (microbes, dust, pollen). Air conditioners are therefore a good way to avoid allergic reactions.

The advantages of using an air conditioner for space heating:

60-80% lower costs of space heating compared to heating electric heaters (2000W radiator consumes 2000W of electricity, air conditioner with much higher power, e.g. 3000W consumes only 800W , such as the U-Crown Premium model),

  • Almost instant heat (about 5 minutes after turning the device on),
  • Due to the high energy efficiency, the possibility of connecting to an ordinary 230V socket (even with old type aluminum installations),
  • No danger of fire or burns, as in the case of traditional fireplaces or electric radiators with elements heating up to red,
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