Smart Remodeling of The Kitchen

Repairing any area in the house can be pretty stressful in all cases. But when we are talking about the remodeling of such areas as the bathroom or kitchen, it leads to additional inconvenience and the necessity to finish the work as soon as possible.

Here we will disclose the most essential components of the remodeling of the kitchen so you will be ready to start and, what is even more important, to finish the process in time and without spending too much time, effort and savings. Obviously, these tips cannot be universal for all possible cases and situations as well as projects of the kitchen itself but at least with their assistance you can think about how to deal with the upcoming challenge.

Be ready for the worst scenario

Regardless of how you are planning to arrange the kitchen’s remodeling – by your own or with assistance of the professional company – you need to plan the estimated time of work. During this period, you will not be able to use the kitchen for the daily cooking tasks and it will definitely affect many aspects of your life.

Planning in this regard includes not only calculations but also adding extra time for emergency cases or unexpected delays. Traditionally, remodeling of the kitchen, especially if we are talking about the full changes and replacements, may take up to 3 months. During this time, you need to make sure it will not cause you additional stress and inconvenience. It’s a good idea to plan the rebuilding in summer time when you have more options for making barbeque or spending time outside.

Checking the current situation

There is no doubt that plumbing and electricity are the crucial components of the kitchen. Before making a project of your dream, it’s necessary to check if you physically can afford such changes and if you really need them. For example, if you would like to remove the sink to the window, maybe it would be easier and less expensive to arrange a proper lighting in the current position. 

If you already have some issues with the electricity and plumbing, remodeling is a great chance to fix them. Sometimes the problems with the water pressure can be caused by the wrong location of the sink in accordance with the plumbing system. In this case it will make sense to move the sink closer and to make sure that the pipes themselves are in a good condition. Otherwise, all your effort to create a perfect and attractive kitchen will be spoiled by the necessity to change the pipes when they are leaking. 

The same we can mention in regard to electricity. Here the main point is the location of the sockets you are planning to use on a regular basis. Kitchen is a place with numerous equipment and devices, and it will be a pity if at one point you will realize that for blending the food you need to use the socket in another room or, what is even worse, to add complicated adaptors and extensions. Switches should also be reachable despite the various furniture. Of course, they should not stand out of the overall interior but hiding them behind the fridge and cabinets can lead to inconvenience and additional stress.

Finally, when you carefully and in detail check the kitchen, you already have (or probably had in a previous house) you can find all the advantages and disadvantages, and not only in regard to common sense but also for your personal habits and requirements. It will help you to avoid the mistakes you already made and to find the way to your own perfect kitchen.

It’s important to notice that the plan overall should be thought over many times before you or the rebuilding company start to work with it. Small changes and additions are acceptable but you should not make big changes on the way. It will not only extend the estimated time of work but also can lead to mistakes and improper calculations and measurements. At the end, instead of enjoying the result, you will need to continue your adjustments as there is no final picture of what you are expecting to reach.

 Right priority

Of course, we want our kitchen to look nice, pretty and attractive. But such an aesthetic feeling you should better use for the decoration of other rooms. First of all, the kitchen is the place where you will spend time to cooking therefore it should be comfortable and ready for this purpose. Basically, with modern technologies and variety of the design options you can input any project of the convenient kitchen into outstanding interior solutions.

If you already have some items such as fridge, stove, furniture and even cutleries, you need to make sure that the size and proportions of the future kitchen will match the requirements. For example, in some cases you may need to extend the wall or create some niches so they furniture will not stand out from other components of the room. This part of the project requires detailed and very careful measurements, and you need to make sure that you are using the same type of measures as the producer of the furniture. Here is one more reason why it’s more efficient to apply for the professional service of the rebuilding companies with the proper equipment and knowledge.

The main part of the kitchen should be located in the same place. You don’t need to move more than a few steps within your working area therefore all the necessary components should be gathered. It will also help to save some space for the additional items such as a dining table with chairs and some empty spots for decoration. Nevertheless, you should be able to move free within the area so you should keep at least 40 inches.

Also, you need to remember that you are using the kitchen on a daily basis and in many cases, it leads to oily surfaces all around the working area. Before choosing the materials such as cabinets and tables, you need to make sure you will be able to keep them clean and it will not take more of your time than cooking itself. Today even the delicate materials are covered by a special solution which protects them from scratches and makes them look attractive for a long period of time. You just need to choose a reliable and trustworthy producer.

On the other hand, remodeling of the kitchen involves also its refreshment. It should not look like a working zone for making the meals but also as a proper area to have these meals. When planning the remodeling, you need to consider the esthetical aspects that will nevertheless not affect the practical side. Soft colors and shapes, some simple but interesting decorations will add some special charm to your kitchen and it will not look like the back of the house.

Professional point of view

Rebuilding company can make your dream come true, but only a professional designer of the house can help you to understand what your dream is. When we are thinking about the house or only kitchen remodeling, budget is one of the crucial aspects and it fully affects the project you are planning to implement. Of course, hiring a designer can add some extra cost to your expectations. But at this point, if you are already going to invest thousands of dollars to renovate the room, you should make sure you are doing your best to achieve the best result. Numerous magazines cannot show you how this particular model will look in your house, with all the equipment you have.

Moreover, there is always an opportunity to hire a designer on an hourly basis. Of course, it will not give you a 100 % result but at least you can see the options you never paid attention to. Or to find out modern tendencies including new technologies you have never heard about. All the details and small steps are essential, and you should not underestimate the value of professional advice.

Looking into the future

If you are planning to fully reconstruct the current kitchen and make it look up to date, you need to think about the future tendencies. White columns and cornices may look very attractive today, but what if in 5 years you will get tired of them?

In this regard the concept of design can be much easier and cheaper to implement while you will be free for any changes. Thus, if you are willing to have more space and looking forward to destroying the walls, maybe you need to consider some alternatives such as transparent sliding doors. In this case you will have control on the kitchen area, and especially if you are planning to have kids, some separator is necessary to limit the access. These kinds of small details are crucial if you want to invest into the remodeling only once for the next few years.

Simplicity is always in fashion. In comparison with changes in interior, when doing the planning for the rebuilding of the kitchen, you need to think twice. Moreover, it’s not necessary to change everything – while it’s working and you feel comfortable with the current construction of the kitchen, you need just small touches. 

The last advice is to be ready for innovations. Modern kitchen can be strongly distinguished from the ones we got used to. But all the details are here to make your daily tasks easier and more comfortable. Numerous lighting solutions, variety of equipment and appropriate design of the kitchen can change the process of cooking into delightful and easy procedure. 

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