Smart Ideas to Decorate the Heart of Your Home: Kitchen

A kitchen is often considered the heart of a home. The design can either make or break the house’s interior, be it under a tight budget or not. It is a balance of beauty and splendor while catering to the aspect of functionality as well. Many owners find it problematic to identify this balance, often leading them to not investing as much time and effort. Rest assured, here are some smart ideas to model your kitchen accordingly.

Dark Kitchen

A dark interior is among the most aesthetically pleasing design trends. However, dark rooms have their fair share of drawbacks; for one, they seem smaller. To overcome this problem while keeping the dark theme, improving the lighting may seem reasonable. A change in the shade of lighting may do the job as well. But what if it doesn’t?

A great alternative would be to use LED strips and line them along with the cabinets. The option is cheap and effective, lighting up the room while retaining the dark aesthetic. Another smart idea would be to install a mirror. Not only will it serve as an article for beautification, but it will also make space seem larger.


The cabinets of a kitchen often go overlooked, primarily because the replacement cost may seem too much. The average kitchen comprises mostly utensils, stove/oven, other appliances, and cabinets. The cabinetry has themes and styles as well, varying from one region to another. A theme common among British homes, especially the kitchens in Cambridge, is the floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinet design.

Moreover, a revamped set of cabinets is also likely to offer you more storage, if planned accordingly. Additional storage is quite beneficial for smaller kitchens. Installing a breakfast bar along with the cabinets would also prove advantageous.

Bold Flooring

The flooring of a kitchen is equally important as the walls and cabinets. If your flooring plan seems rather bland or monotonous, now would be the optimal time to incorporate a bolder look. Bright and vibrant tiles with the right texture can flip the entire vibe your kitchen exudes.

A change in the flooring can also result in an elusively spacious room. Although a change of tiles would change your kitchen’s feel, some creativity would go a long way. Placing or hanging pot plants will serve as the minor details, which will make the kitchen pop visually.

Counter Space

Contemporary and low-profile aesthetics have become part of the modern home decor. Associating a similar design style to the kitchen countertop is also possible. Moreover, to incorporate the minimalist element to your kitchen, you will first have to clear out your countertop. It will provide more real estate for your counter while emanating a modern look.

Some additional options include sleek cooktops, which can be fit into the counter and used as part of it. However, if you have a gas stove instead, purchasing a cover for it would do wonders for your kitchen. Furthermore, if not the cabinets, a breakfast bar would undeniably work great with the countertop.

Wall Accessorizing

Dedicating a single wall for accessorizing, showing off, and for the sake of convenience would be a noteworthy change. Accessorizing does not require much effort or a budget; however, pre-built racks can also be bought and used. With a pinch of creativity, you can create a DIY shelf for your kitchen. All you’ll require is some wooden boards, nails, and a hammer.

The accessories you wish to hang are entirely reliant on you. Nevertheless, most kitchen-interiors opt for baskets, dishes, cutlery, and cooking utensils. Depending on the theme, you can choose between a modern or vintage design for your accessories and rack. Both are equally suitable options.


Irrespective of the size and space of a kitchen, a cluttered interior can ruin your kitchen’s visual appeal. Not only does it make the room seem smaller, but it also affects the productivity of the kitchen. Clearing away clutter is possibly the most inexpensive and fundamental means of enhancing an interior.

Countertops frequently get barraged with a plethora of items, specifically plastic bags and bottles. Discarding similar objects, as well as cleverly reorganizing the kitchen, is likely to yield astonishing results.


A remarkable design always incorporates two key aspects: aesthetics and functionality, and the points mentioned above do just that. Both factors are also reliant on the given budget and features, such as the kitchen’s size. You can always hire a suitable contractor or interior designer. However, you are likely to craft a design exclusive to you and your home with some confidence and creativity.

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