Simple Tips to Plan a Move Around Unexpected Weather

Hey! Your big relocation day is finally here, and the weather condition is not in your favor, it becomes difficult to move with your massive number of goods when the weather is not as per your expectation. 

If scheduling your upcoming move is in your hand, then you must never plan your relocation during bad weather, as it can put a bad impact on your health and damage your possessions, which you have earned from hard work of many years. 

But we agree that in some cases changing the relocation date becomes impossible; especially you are shifting to a new place to join a new company, students have to start their classes in a new university, etc. instead of unexpected weather if you will not take extra care to protect your belongings, as they can get damaged due to unfavorable weather. 

You can complete your move successfully if you start with some careful planning and taking special care of your items to relocate them securely in your new destination, as you don’t have any control if the weather takes a sudden change on your moving day.

Let’s discuss some important guidelines which will help you to plan and perform your move without any interruption even though you are moving during unexpected climate-

  • Protect yourself: Dressing up carefully by wearing caps, gloves, suitable outfits, shoes, etc. is one of the safest ways to protect yourself during sudden weather changes during relocation. You can also prepare some drinks for you and your movers and packers in Hyderabad team to keep you protect and hydrated from any weather attack, which can make you sick.
  • Check the weather prediction regularly: While you are in a hurry to pack and move all your belongings, you must never forget that the weather might change anytime. That’s why you must always check the weather forecast. Otherwise, you will have to deal with several difficult situations due to weather change like- strong winds, heavy rain, high humidity, blocked roads, etc. (depending on weather)
  • Use superior quality packing materials: If you have finalized your move during bad weather, you must be extra cautious at the time of packing your items as your single mistake can damage your valuables, and you will not have any option at last moment. 

That’s why it’s essential to gather suitable and top-quality packing supplies and pack all your things using extra layers of packing paper, bubble sheet, shredded paper to fill empty space and seal them tightly to make sure that they don’t break due to extra movement during transit. 

You will have to take extra care of your artworks, fragile items, etc. by packing them in waterproof wrapping supplies; you can also use garbage to pack your belongings to save your extra expense. 

  • Protect your floors: While shifting your goods, it’s essential to protect the floors is necessary to avoid accidents which can happen if you are moving in rainy weather can wreak havoc on flooring and save your floors from being dirty. You can place tarpaulins or old cloths along the most commonly walked pathways to deter from tracking dirt, mud. 
  • Plan a route a best and nearby route:  While selecting a path for moving during bad weather, be smart and prefer main roads and highways, avoid any lockage due to water clotting, snow, etc. 
  • Always be ready with first aid kit: You must make a first aid kit, as mishaps can happen at any moment due to bad weather. So, you must always be prepared with a first aid kit to have a safe move with your loved ones. 

Safety Measures you must take while shifting during these seasons:

Summer Season: Many people think moving during hot summer day is the best, as kids will be at home and the day time is also long as compared to other season, and they can get enough time to be prepared, but after scheduling their move during the hot season, they have to face several challenges such as sunburns and dehydration. It is essential to have a proper diet and enough drinks to be safe from heatstroke, which can make your sick.

  1. Drink adequate water and have a balanced diet regularly to avoid heat exhaustion. Keep everyone well hydrated to get rid of sunstroke; 
  2. Don’t leave your furniture in direct sunlight for too long time
  3. Wear light-color and loose-fitting clothes made of breathable fabrics, use good quality sunscreen cream, wear hats, dark sunglasses, etc. to be safe from sunburns;
  4. Start your relocation tasks in the early morning to get off mid-day sunburn and sweat.

Rainy Season: Shifting during a drizzly season means you will have to face numerous challenging situations. But if you have a deadline, you can’t reschedule your move at any cost, but by following these precautions, you can perform your move without any interruption.

  1. Always prefer to use standard quality plastic bins to keep your belongings protected from the water
  2. Use tarpaulin to provide extra safety to your furniture during transit 
  3. Wrap all your furniture pieces using heavy blankets and warp them using bubble wrap
  4. Do not place your possessions on wet ground as they can be dented 
  5. Wear anti-slip footwear and put on your favorite raincoat to be safe from rain. 

Winter Season: During winters relocation snowfall is a common problem which can disturb your shifting tasks. The tips discussed below will help you to perform your move efficiently.

  1. Be sure to check all paths should be clear of snow and ice before your Moving company arrives
  2. Wear warm clothes to keep yourself stable on moving day.
  3. Keep hot beverages ready for your family and the Movers and Packers in Gachibowli‘s team. 
  4. Wrapping all your wooden furniture, appliances, in heavy plastic wrap, and blankets are safe step to shift them without any single scratch.
  5. If it’s snowing on moving day, cover all your belongings using durable plastic wrap to relocate them safely.

After relocation:

  • Inspect and recheck all your delivered containers wisely to insect if any of your items are smashed during transit
  • Unpack your things immediately, if any of your packed cartons become wet due to rain or snow
  • Have a proper diet and drink appropriate water to stay hydrated after moving into your new home.
  • You can recycle all your boxes immediately if they get wet due to heavy rain after moving at your new destination safely since they’re no longer salvageable.
  • Reward your Moving company if you are satisfied with the service they have provided you, instead of unexpected bad weather. 

Have a happy and secure move!

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