Signs That Tell You It Is Time For A Bathroom Revamp

The bathroom is one of the important rooms in the house that is used by every member of the family. After a few years, the decor becomes a little faded and there are calcium stains on the sink. 

We tend to become very familiar with our immediate surroundings. This leads us to let things go a little, unaware of how the room really looks. Here are a few tell-tale signs that let you know the time has come to renovate the bathroom.

  • Fading Fixtures – If you need to install new wash basin taps as the current ones are already dull and unattractive, this is a sign that the bathroom needs some attention. If you are going to replace the vanity unit, you might as well re-tile the walls and paint the ceiling. Taps are noticed and if you ever have guests, a grubby bathroom is definitely not an option, and, of course, the bathroom should be spotlessly clean, which is difficult when the décor is faded.
  • Water Damage – If damp has entered the room, this would cause the plaster on the wall to crumble and water pipes tend to corrode and leak after some years. When you have a damp issue, you need to identify the cause and remedy this before you redecorate, otherwise the problem will recur. A leaking roof is often the culprit when damp enters an upstairs bathroom, so you might want to have your roof inspected if you notice dampness in the bathroom.
  • Stained Porcelain – If your bathtub is old and even when you try to clean it, there are stains that simply can’t be shifted, this is a sign to finally install that digital shower you have always wanted and get rid of the bath once and for all. If you acquire everything you need from the online supplier, you will pay trade prices and if you are handy with your tools, you can save a lot of money. 
  • Dirty Grouting – Over the years, tile grout can become dirty and this stands out to the point where you can’t hide it. If you approach a bathroom designer, they could create a new layout with one of the superb Hansgrohe bathrooms, bringing style and functionality with excellent craftsmanship. You can buy grout in a wide range of colours, apart from white, which can add a nice contrast to the tile colour.
  • Peeling Wallpaper – Peeling paper is certainly a sign that something needs to be done and if you are going to remove the wallpaper, this is the ideal time for a complete transformation. You might prefer tiles to wallpaper, as they are much easier to keep clean and the online supplier has an impressive catalogue of bathroom tiles, all at affordable prices.

Image Source: Unsplash

There are many signs to tell you it is time to renovate your bathroom and with the online supplier, you can acquire everything you need in a single online purchase. Tiles, paint, grout and bathroom appliances and furniture are all available from the online supplier and they will deliver to your door.

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