How To Properly Manage Your Lawn

A properly managed lawn can make a home look fantastic, but it also doesn’t take much neglect for it to make a home look very average. Many homeowners might not be aware of how much it takes to properly maintain a lawn, and that’s where lawn care in Mooresville NC come into place. In this article we provide some great tips to help you ensure your lawn is the best on the block.

What to do with brand new grass

If you’re tired of spending all your money on garden supplies in south east Melbourne only to find that your lawn dies anyway, it might be less to do with your supplies and more to do with your technique. It is especially important to remember that aftercare immediately after installation is key to ensuring your lawn thrives, and from here it will require some attention every now and then. If your lawn is brand new, it will require quite a lot of water, particularly if you’ve introduced it during the warmer months. The first big watering should happen immediately after it’s laid and no later than 30 minutes. You should aim to give the lawn approximately 20 to 30mm of water in order to drench the soil underneath. This moisture helps the roots of the lawn take hold, which will greatly help with it becoming established and healthy in the long run. After this initial big watering, it is advised that you continue to water the lawn twice a day during the first 7 days, then 2-3 times a week in the following 3-6 weeks, and from this point you can start watering the lawn only once a week as it should be healthy and established.

Following up your watering habits

Ensuring your lawn is healthy isn’t just about giving it lots of water on a regular basis (although this is still important, of course). You shouldn’t be too alarmed if your lawn yellows a bit at first, as this is a normal occurrence and will manage itself. To keep your lawn looking fresh it’s important that a slow release fertiliser is applied four times a year and a soil wetting agent be applied twice a year. Once a year you should make sure to apply an organic compost, which will involve you simply raking a thin layer of the compost it over the top of the lawn in a process known as “top dressing.” Once every two years you should take the time to aerate your soil by puncturing it to allow the streamlined passage of water, air and nutrients. Your regular lawn maintenance should include regularly pulling out any weeds by the roots, making sure never to use weed spray as this can often not play well with grass.

Ready to create a beautiful green lawn of your own?

With a bit of know-how, you can help your patchy, yellow grass turn into a beautiful vibrant lawn. Rather than getting a crew of landscapers in, working in a bit of your new knowledge should help revitalise your lawn and ensure it keeps remaining green in the foreseeable future. Just remember to adjust your maintenance habits with the seasons, as your lawn will obviously have different requirements in a wet winter as compared to a hot summer.

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