Benefits of Filtered Indoor Air


Breathing is natural and automatic, so people don’t often spend a lot of time thinking about the air they breathe unless that air suddenly becomes problematic. In many places, people have air filtration to thank for providing the clean air that is often taken for granted. Here are a few areas you might be benefitting from filtered air in your daily life.

Home and Office HVAC

When heating and cooling systems are used to make indoor spaces more comfortable, the air they circulate is filtered for a variety of reasons. At a minimum level of filtration, your HVAC equipment is protected from the largest pieces of particulate in the air. To provide cleaner air for the health and comfort of your building’s occupants, though, be sure your sterile air filters VA have a high enough filtration rating, known as a MERV rating. For most buildings, a MERV rating of 13 is sufficient to protect HVAC equipment and provide clean air for breathing. A MERV rating of 14 or higher is required for medical facilities to help prevent the spread of germs.

Automotive Interiors

When you’re driving, you can’t really control the air quality outside of your car. Thankfully automotive cabin air filters help provide clean air for everyone in the car. Whether you’re driving through a smog-filled city environment or along dusty country roads, your cabin air filter will help prevent particles from polluting the air you’re breathing inside your car. In addition, if you suffer from seasonal allergies, your car is a much more comfortable place to be when your air filter keeps pollen and other allergens outside.

Commercial Aircraft

Some people worry that commercial planes are filled with recirculated, germy air. In reality, the air in a commercial flight cabin is consistently filtered and replaced, making germ spread unlikely. HEPA filters remove approximately 99.97% of the particulate that is in the air. This cleansed air is mixed with fresh outside air and pumped slowly into the airplane cabin from overhead, then removed from the cabin through vents below the window seats. This means that most air does not travel from person to person through the cabin space. The air you’re breathing on an airplane is completely changed, on average, every three minutes.

Proper use of effective air filters helps people to have high-quality, clean air to breathe in many indoor locations. Whether you’re in a building or traveling, filtered air is likely helping you stay comfortable and healthy.

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