Roof Restoration or Replacement – The Type of Damage Determines What Is Right for You

Determining the extent of roof damage and its effects is a crucial exercise. It can entail massive spending either for repairing the damages or replacing the roof when the cost goes up many more times. As roofs grow old, it is likely to be damaged, and its extent depends on how well you maintain the roof. Detecting damages early and repairing it can save enormous costs, but the task is not always easy. To keep a close watch on the roof, it is better to engage a company like Storm Pros Columbus GA Roofers for an annual roof inspection.  Roof experts know about roof vulnerabilities by considering the roof material and can detect early signs of damage. Their advice about repairing can save huge costs because replacement might not always be necessary.  

Roof damages show up gradually, but delayed discovery often aggravates the problem. It is crucial to assess the extent of damage because all damages might not be that threatening to seek roof replacement. Unless the damage is much serious like water issues, deteriorating shingles, bad decking, etc., repairing is always a much feasible solution that can make the roof last its life. Although repairing is less expensive in most cases, it does not improve roof life very much. The materials used for repairing usually have a 25% shorter lifespan than a new installation.  Moreover, the quality of repair depends on the quality of workmanship, which, if not satisfactory, can do more harm than good.

Factors that affect your decision to replace or restore the roof 

The type of roof material is important when you want to choose between roof repair and roof replacement. For example, in case of a tiled roof, replacing a few tiles might be a good choice depending on the circumstances. However, if the damages are extensive, then replacing the tiles would ensure a pump in new life to the roof.

If the roof repair entails high investment, then roof replacement might be a better option. If you do not want to live in the home and want to sell it off, then delaying the decision of replacement and doing some patchwork might be more appropriate. Although roof replacement is expensive, the warranty that comes with it and the opportunity to use better roofing material like terracotta roofing tiles that have almost 50 years warranty completely justifies the decision.

Roof restoration is a good idea

The decision for roof replacement or repair depends on the kind of goal you set when investing on the roof in terms of recovering the investment. Those who set short-term goals would find roof restoration better than roof replacement because it provides a quick makeover that is pocket-friendly too. However, the repair would last not more than 5-8 years, depending on the kind of repairs done. If the damages are not that serious, a roof restoration can inject new life into the roof that lasts its entire life. But if the damage is so bad that repairs would be futile, then replacing the roof is the only way to ensure that you have a functional roof above your head.

Look for signs of roof damage

To look for roof damages closely, you must go to the attic from where you can look inside the roof and its adjoining areas to see if there are signs of damage. But you must recognize the signs and ascertain the possible damage that can arise from it.

Dark spots in and around the roof are signs of water soaking into the roof surface, which can even affect the walls close to it. Any signs of light passing through the roof when you look up, no matter how small and insignificant it might be, is a sign of serious roof damage. Careful evaluation by roof experts helps to decide if repairs can set things right or roof replacement would be appropriate. One or two very small spots are repairable, but too many leakages would necessitate replacement of the roof.

View it from outside

Walking on the roof is the best way to inspect it, but it depends on the height and slope of the roof. Various parts of the roof are vulnerable to damage, and the most affected areas are around the pipes, chimneys, and vents. If you find loose or worn out roof materials collected at these places, it is a sign that the roof has set in. Roof valleys are highly prone to wear and tear, and you must scrutinize them. Damaged, curled, and worn out shingles need a quick replacement. Even if you do find damaged shingles, but black granular materials collect in the gutters, it shows that the damage has set in. You must detect the affected shingles for replacement. Downpipes and gutters are the other places to look for signs of roof damage.

How old is the roof?

Roofs deteriorate with age, and if the roof is nearing the end of life, you must prepare to replace it even if it seems that it could carry on well for a few more years. As the roof reaches its midlife, which is usually between 12-15 years, chances of damages keep increasing, and timely repairs can save some money and help to avoid bigger problems. Are there are too many minor damages that have the potential of turning bad with time? Then arranging for roof restoration is a better idea. It can give you almost a new roof by spending only a fraction of what you would spend on roof replacement.

Checking the metal fasteners of the roof should help to detect corrosion that can weaken the roof structure. Areas like gutters are most prone to corrosion, and its extent determines whether the repair would be enough to stem the rot.

Arranging for an annual roof inspection by a roofing company should be part of the preventive maintenance program to keep an eye on roof health and detect problems early. It is the only way to avoid severe roof damage and save the cost of untimely roof replacement.

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