Avoid Locksmith Fraud with These Easy Steps

Immediate assistance is key when you are having a lock-out issue. If you are looking for a local locksmith, it’s important to be careful considering that you could become a victim of fraud. There are people waiting for that chance so they can take advantage of you. As a home or car owner, you can avoid this by being cautious in various ways.

  • Check their Credentials

A qualified locksmith must have valid credentials. It could be a license is applicable in your area but if it’s not, there are other documents that they should have. Check the applicable credentials and identification when you decide to hire them.

  • Get a Written Estimate

It’s easy to get scammed when there is no written cost estimates. A dodgy locksmith might come up with additional or hidden charges. You need something to cover you up just in case of anything. A reputable locksmith such as this Logan locksmith will ensure that they understand what needs to be done and they should include all the charges and the work that needs to be done. The written estimate that they give you should not differ from the on-site one.

  • Don’t go for the Lowest Price

Never hire a locksmith just because their services are cheap. Cheap is expensive so they say. Get to know how much they will charge for emergency, labor and service fee. Some will charge low prices knowing very well that their services are substandard and even with the low price, they will gain from scamming you. Cost should never be a reason that you hire a locksmith.

  • Don’t Pay in Cash

Although there are genuine locksmith companies that will allow you to pay in cash, avoid working with one that insists you must pay in cash. They want no records and in case of anything, you have no prove that you paid for the services. This is something that you get to know before they start the work.

  • Don’t allow them to Drill

When you have lock issues and the locksmith suggests that drilling should be done to fix the issue, this is a scam. This is because, professional locksmiths fix such issues without drilling. 

To avoid being scammed by rogue locksmiths, there are many things that you should avoid. Run if they insist that you must pay in cash, they don’t have credentials, their written estimates differ with the onsite ones and their emergency numbers are unreachable. 


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