Residential roof repair: Working with a contractor

Roof repair is a critical part of home renovation. While contemporary roofing materials are meant to last for decades, repairs are an eventuality and should be taken on priority. If you are looking for a contractor for residential roof repair, it’s important to evaluate the basics. In this post, we are sharing more on working with a roofing contractor. 

Check the basic things

Licensing requirements for roofing contractors vary by state, but in most states, a license is a must for working in the industry. Among other things, check if the company or contractor has liability insurance. This is a key aspect because roofing repairs can be extensive and risky. If their workers end up causing any damage to your home, you know that insurance will cover the same. Also, check if their workers are bonded and trained. 

Find what a contractor offers

Not all roofing contractors have the same profile of services. Ideally, check for a service that’s more inclusive. For instance, can the company help with insulation and ventilation systems? Do they offer weatherproofing solutions? Will they clean up after the work has been done? Do they handle roofing replacement on a large scale and for big properties? 

Ask for an advanced estimate

When it comes to roofing, cutting corners is never a good idea. If a roofing contractor offers a price that’s too amazing to be true, it probably is. Instead, select a service that’s local, has good reviews, and offers a transparent estimate in advance. The estimate should include all the relevant costs and expenses, and if the company has promised any discount, make sure to ask in writing. 

Get a contract

Even for roofing repairs, you can expect to ask for a contract. The contract basically gives an outline of the work at hand, what is included in the price, and the exclusions. For selected roofing work, you can expect some sort of warranty on the job, which must be mentioned in the contract. Do read the terms and conditions in depth before signing up. 

Check reviews

Does the roofing contractor have good reviews? Apart from asking for references, check on Google to know if the company has positive reviews and feedback, posted independently by other customers. Check if there are any common complaints. 

Finally, do ask the roofing contractor about the timeline of work, and while you don’t need to know everything, asking about their basic work process is a good idea. 

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