Recognizing Signs That it’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Like our bodies; even our homes need constant care and maintenance. They may not talk like us, but they definitely give out signs to let you know that they need your attention. The house windows are no exception. Here, we list out a few signs that would let you know that it’s time for windows replacement.

  • Damaged, warped or broken windows

It is the most obvious sign that your windows need a replacement. Such signs surface mostly after a catastrophic event like the storm, hurricane, etc. You might repair your windows, but they would always cause problems. Opting for windows replacement in Montrose would be a smarter option.

  • Windows operation

Sometimes the operation of the windows is not smooth. They require a force and pressure every time for closing or opening them. Sometimes they swell as well. These signs are particularly true for wood windows. With this issue; it’s better to replace the windows. All windows must operate effortlessly.

  • Decaying frames and leaking windows

If your windows frames are decaying due to moisture damage and have even started showing signs of decay and rot because of excess moisture deposition; you must go for windows replacement. You also get leaking windows in many other types apart from wood frames. It is a sign that moisture has set in and would fuel the growth of molds, mildews, etc. Replacing instead of repairing would be wiser.

  • Loud noise from outside/high utility bills

If you hear loud noises of traffic from outside or get a higher energy bill than usual; replacing your windows would give you relief from both problems. Windows have an insulating feature that keeps your house cozy and naturally reduce your energy bills. They also insulate and ward off any outside sound from coming inside.

Replacing windows for all above signs would prove a more cost-effective solution.