For the Smart landscape Architecture This is Important

Beauty can be made. A memorable, well-designed landscape can make the difference when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. However, it is not a simple task to create a space that looks great and builds a sense of identity and at the same time functions effectively for those who use it and need to maintain it. The challenge becomes even greater if elements such as limitations of certain locations or even problems concerning local regulations are taken into account.

The Usage You Practically Need

For us, landscape architecture and urban design is a search for visionary designs that not only touch the eye but also the heart. Corporate social responsibility and creating added value for their customers are central. The user experience is the guiding principle for them. That is why they often also guide the interactive participation process. They distinguish ourselves by designs that are not only creative and sustainable, but also feasible. They work closely with other relevant disciplines in every step from design to implementation; often their own colleagues who are quick to switch. This way their clients can rely on their total involvement and fast solutions.

The designs are not an air bicycle company. The following applies to them, beauty can be made.The designs are characterized not only by beauty but also by functionality and reliability. The budget monitoring of your (design) project is also in good hands with them. Together with their management experts and cost experts, they can even visualize the complete life cycle costs of your outdoor space.theyoffer you the assurance that you can create and manage the project with the available budget.theywork together with their customers to create a space that they can be proud of.

The landscape architect solves spatial problems by design and brings into view new topographical situations. He does this on different scales and abstraction levels (from garden to part of the country) and, depending on the nature of the assignment, as a solitary expert or as a participant in an interdisciplinary planning team. In that sense, Landscape Architecture as a discipline is closely related to architecture, urban design, cultural engineering and civil engineering. With regard to the properties of his design material, the landscape architect is dependent on sources of knowledge such as soil science, ecology, hydrology and geography. The anchoring of his profession in society also requires insight in areas such as environmental psychology, sociology and economics. It is therefore a discipline with a broad orientation and aimed at sustainable change of the daily living environment. Partly for this reason, the landscape architect has been playing an increasingly important role in the spatial planning process in recent years.

The Smart Choice

Specific to landscape architecture is the design of new topography based on knowledge of natural elements and processes. The landscape architect is expressly aware of the temporal aspect of the environment. He knows how, by applying the right basic conditions, he can challenge the time as reflected in growth, development, use and decline to create a high-quality outdoor space. Against this background, the work of the landscape architect in the Netherlands is typified by trying to reconcile new artifacts with the ‘load capacity’ of the natural and historical environment.

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