Different Types Of Windows To Consider For Your Home

Window forms a very important interface between your house and the outside world. It is a good point of entry for the light and air into the room. A nicely done up window adds to the beauty of the room. While remodelling the house, window replacement should get the top priority. Due care should also be taken for deciding about the suitability of particular styles of the windows for your rooms from the large variety of options available in the market.

Define Your Requirements

The window is a permanent fixture which cannot be changed every second day. Its style should match that of the house and compatible with overall building design. Therefore, it has to be planned and, if required, professional guidance should be sought to decide about it.

Benefits of the Window Replacement

It is a very good value-addition to your property and, therefore, a sound investment too. New designs of the windows cut down the energy bills by bringing its consumption down.  

Factors To Be Considered For Window Installation

Besides the style, there are different factors which need to be considered while going for a window design.


These are as follows:

  • Ease of Maintenance: Its design should not be too intricate for regular cleaning.
  • Noise Reduction: Outside noise should not enter the room from the window.
  • Beauty: It should add to the beauty of the room instead of looking a patch on it.
  • Safety and Security: It should not serve as a secure entry point for the burglars.
  • Ease of Operation: Opening and closing the window should be smooth.
  • Comfort: Window should add to the comfort of the room.

Types of Windows

The market is full of design options, and the choice has to be made carefully.  

Some of these are as follows:

  • Single or Double Hung Window: With separate or double moveable panels, it is suitable for humid rooms.
  • Sliding Window: It is contemporary in style with its sliding moving along a track.
  • Casement Window: On opening, this window swings outward and gives more ventilation.
  • Fixed Window: It does not open but allows natural light to come in. It can be put between the functional windows.
  • Picture Window: This is also fixed with a single pane to give a beautiful outside view.
  • Bay Window: It is the same as the picture window, but it has casement windows on both of its sides.

Therefore, consult your architect for selecting the suitable window style and think over your essential requirement of the rooms before going in for window installation in your house.

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