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When planning the purchase of an air conditioner, we most often make a choice between two groups of these devices: type mobile air – conditioning units, and stationary ones, so-called split air conditioners. Which device we choose depends on the expectations and resources of the pockets. We encourage you to read about the pros and cons of each of these solutions. There is the option for aircon chemical wash also.

Portable air conditioners: Chill on wheels

Portable air conditioners are devices characterized primarily by a one-piece construction. Both the evaporator and the condenser are enclosed in one housing and therefore both components are in the room that we chill. An indispensable element of a air conditioner is an ejection pipe with a diameter of 12-15 cm, which discharges hot air outside. Operation of the device consists in removing heat from the environment and passing it outside through the ejection pipe. It should be added that during operation of the device from the cold heat exchanger condensation water, which in some models is collected in a container mounted in the device, in others it is removed together with hot air. Different models of portable air conditioners have a similar appearance – a white rectangular prism with a height of approx. 80 cm. Modern types can have more streamlined shapes, other colors (e.g. silver) and LED displays.

Portable air conditioners are very diverse. Each manufacturer has several versions of these devices. This makes it easier to adapt them to your own requirements and conditions in the room.

Disadvantages of portable air conditioners:

Noise: Due to the placement of a condenser and evaporator in one housing, the operation of the device is rather loud (from 25-60 dB) and in the case of devices with a higher value, it often impedes the functioning of people in a cooled room. The offers include, however, one of the quietest portable air conditioners on the market.

Limited space selection: Due to the ejection pipe, the air conditioner must be placed near the window (if the pipe is to be led out the window) or wall (if it is possible to lead the pipe through a wall opening or a ventilation grille). The downside is also that the device, when standing on the floor, takes up space.

Less efficiency: Due to the specificity of operation and the construction of the device, a portable air conditioner is less efficient. It is often said that the device does not cool, but only subdued the room. In hot weather, it is impossible to achieve extremely low temperatures in the room (18-20 degrees). You must take care to prevent the inflow of warm air – sealing the hole on the ejection pipe, wrapping the pipe with insulating material, etc.

Device operation: On some models, it is required to permanently empty the condensed water tank.

Advantages of portable air conditioners:

Price: This type of air conditioners is the cheapest offer on the market. In our store, the cheapest portable air conditioner costs about PLN 1000, the most expensive is over PLN 2,000.

Mobility of the device: Thanks to the mounted wheels and handles, the device can be easily moved, and when it is unnecessary – just hide it.

Unnecessary assembly: The portable air conditioner is not mounted to the wall, it does not have an outdoor unit, which must be mounted on the facade of the building.


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