Look after Your Slate Roof in 4 Steps and Save a Small Fortune

Roofs can often be something that are forgotten about, until they start to look unsightly or something happens that means a repair is required. Whilst inside your home, you probably give little to no thought about the importance of your roof, the same can be said for when you are outside unless you happen to look up and realise that it looks a bit well, weathered and dated. Being one of the most important parts of your home, keeping it insulated and protected against the elements, it should receive some attention to prevent it from becoming a problem.


Over time, your slate roof will become weathered and weakened in areas especially if no maintenance has taken place since it was first installed. Most of us probably have no idea when that was, usually though it will have been when the home was first built. In that time, it will have experienced all kinds of abuse that can often be unseen unless inspected.

Professionals suggest that your slate roof should be inspected at least every 5 years to check for any weak areas or areas that need attention. Perhaps slates need replacing, new shingle needs applying or if you have a metal roof, you may need to have some of the panels replaced.


You can organise a free of charge assessment, by looking into Sydney roof repairs and restoration, for example. You will find a host of companies that can assist with the initial inspection. Arrange for a further appointment to have maintenance done if needed.

The slates, shingle or metal panels serve as the ‘main’ protective measure. However, underneath you will also have some kind of waterproofing membrane which can become weaker over time and unless inspected, you would never know.


There are some checks that you can do or things to look out for. If you notice any of the following, then you should really get in touch with a local specialist.

  • Light coming in through your roof space
  • Mould
  • Any damp or wet areas on your walls or on the ceilings
  • Wet or damp areas on the roof itself
  • Growth of algae
  • Blocked gutters
  • Damaged, curled or missing shingles

The 5-year Rule

Granted, some of these checks can only be performed by the specialists, but most of which you should be able to notice visually. Getting something done about it, however, is a different matter. Remember, even if you don’t spot any of these issues, your roof and roof space should be inspected every 5 or so years, so if it hasn’t been done, make some enquiries sooner rather than later.

Image Source: Unsplash


The best companies can not only can assess your slate roof, but also check the guttering. You may already know, but, if your guttering is not maintained it can back up and cause potential damage as water builds up. Some homeowners have needed to spend a small fortune to repair water ingress that they were unaware of due to something really simple like a blocked or backed up gutter.

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