Lighting the Perfect Fire

Although Spring is now here, the temperatures are still low and our homes are still cold, therefore much of the UK are still lighting up their log burning stoves! With this in mind today we are here to explain how to light up the perfect fire quickly and efficiently, allowing people to keep their homes warm this Spring, without having to spend too much time attending to their fires and heating.

There are many different ways to light up a fire or log burning stove well, and you might have already found an amazing method that works for you, but if not – Try this method, it might change the way you light your fire forever!

  1. Start by selecting the best firewood – It is best to choose kiln dried firewood such as that available at Lytham Logs, as it burns hotter and longer than regular, damp firewood.
  2. Place a few of these logs in the bottom of your log burning stove, leaving a gap in-between each log to allow for maximum airflow.
  3. Place two logs which are slightly smaller in size across the logs that you have carefully positioned in the bottom of your stove.
  4. On top these logs then place an eco-firelighter.
  5. Place two small logs at the side of your log pile.
  6. Using about 8 pieces of high quality, bone-dry kindling create a stack on top of your logs and place another firelighter on top of this new stack.
  7. Light the top firelighter and keep your stove’s door open so that they fire can spread. Once all of the kindling has caught fire you can close the door to your stove, making sure that all air controls are open.
  8. After this you just need to keep an eye on your fire, adding more kiln dried logs as and when you think is necessary.

This is just one of the most amazing ways that you light your log-burning stove too – if you require even more great tips and advice we highly recommend that you contact your local stove or firewood supplier today who will no doubt be delighted to assist you and answer any questions that you may currently have.

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