Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating Your Tween’s Bedroom

Full of newly found independence and evolving style, the tween years can be awkward for any young person. If your child has entered the preteen years, you can help him or her explore identity, taste, and interests. The child’s bedroom will play a big role in this journey. Tweens have certainly outgrown their childhood bedrooms, but their decor preferences likely have a playful flavor.

By understanding your tween’s personality and sticking to some basic guidelines, you can create a space that will be loved into adolescence. This guide will provide some do’s and don’t for getting through this process.

DOinvolve your child.


No matter who first suggested redecorating your tween’s bedroom, be sure to involve your child in the planning process. Preteens are certainly old enough to have their own decor ideas. They just need a little extra guidance to turn them into a reality. Sit down with your preteens to discuss their vision for the room. Talk about paint colors, bedding, area rugs, and furniture colors. Once you have an overall plan, take them shopping to pick out specific pieces.


DON’T go overboard on a theme.


While tweens explore their interests, they might bounce from obsession to obsession. So, decorating their room with their favorite fad might not be the best idea. A child who loves basketball at age 12 could move on to soccer by age 13. Rather than transforming a room into a shrine of a favorite animal, movie, or book, pick out a few pieces that represent a number of interests. A framed poster or a few fun pillows can show off a personality without overwhelming the room.


DO think practically.


As you likely know, tweens spend plenty of time in their bedroom. This space is where they sleep, study, relax, and spend time with friends. The bedroom should be both stylish and functional. Add a study nook with a desk and comfortable chair. Be sure to include extra seating for friends. Details like a music player and floor cushions can make the space even more comfortable.


DON’T install anything permanent.


When decorating a tween’s room, it’s important to think of the space as transitional. Tweens are moving from a childhood bedroom to a teenage space. This is why you should make each element easily changeable. For example, stick to paint rather than wallpaper. Avoid painted murals or built-in wall features. Change the bedding, throw down a rug, paint the walls, and hang some unique wall pieces. All of these will represent your child’s taste, but you can make changes when things change.


DO have fun with it.


Your tweens are growing into their personality and developing their taste. You’ll find so many fun ways to express fun and youthful designs to suitthem perfectly. While redecorating a room can be quite a bit of work, try to think of it as a fun adventure. This project will allow you and your child to bond, and you might even learn something new. Get creative with DIY projects and take  some risks with the decor. The results will be more meaningful when you enjoy the process.

You want your tweens to feel at ease in their bedroom, so it can become a space to rest and let their guard down. The right decor can take their childhood bedroom and turn it into a fun, trendy hangout spot. By involving your child and enjoying the process, you can create a room that you are both proud of. And as their tastes change, the space will evolve with your preteen’s personality.

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