How To Choose, Mount, And Measure Plantation Shutters

These basic tips will ensure you mount and measure for plantation shutters perfectly to beautify your home for years to come. In addition to adding beauty to the home, the shutters also insulate windows.

You’ll need a few tools that you probably already own, like a metal or steel measuring tape, a pencil and paper, and a step ladder. We recommend a steel tape measure because it is sturdy and will provide the most accurate measurements. Remember to mark the width and height accordingly so as to not make any mistakes.

Also, this helpful tip will ensure you won’t make a grave mistake: never assume two or more “identical” windows or doors are equal in size. Very often, they have a difference in size which will make all the difference in appearance when you try to mount your new plantation shutters.

The first thing to do is to choose what type of look you’re aiming for with the plantation shutters. For instance, the inside mount plantation shutters are ideal to display the moldings and size of the window since they’re installed within the window casing.

The key to measuring for inside mount plantation shutters is to measure inside the window frame. Begin by measuring the depth of the window frame. Next, ensure the window is square and level, which can be done by measuring the window’s diagonal points. Anything greater than 1/4 inch out of square would require an outside mount.

From there, measure the width of the window at different levels. If there is a difference in any of those measurements (which is not uncommon), then choose the most narrow measurement for the width. Do the same with the length of the window, measuring in varying places. Here, choose the shortest of the measurements. For larger windows that are over 5′ there must be a divider rail.

Some wise words from the experts: measure twice or even three times.

When it comes to outside mount plantation shutters, there is more leeway and not so much worry if a measurement isn’t spot on since these are mounted around the window. This is a good option when windows aren’t square and an inside mount isn’t possible. However, there must be enough of a flat surface to accommodate the hardware of the shutters. The next steps require measuring the width and height of the opening and take into consideration the overall design you’re aiming for. Remember once again to mark the width and height carefully.

Mounting plantation shutters isn’t difficult and they require just a few tools: a level, measuring tape, a screwdriver, a hammer, and a drill, along with a ladder, in some cases. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and it won’t be long before you will transform a room with your new shutters.

Generally, you’ll assemble the frame, and center and level. Then, just screw the frame right into the wall at the pre-drilled holes to ensure it’s square. Then, place the panels to the frame with the hinge pins making sure there aren’t any gaps.

The installation is similar with the outside mount plantation shutters, with some minor differences. One important thing is how to choose plantation shutters that work with your decor. Opt for colors that are complementary to those in the space.

For instance, rich wood tones in a room would likely look great with similar colors on the shutters. Alternatively, if you want a more streamlined look in a more contemporary room, perhaps you should go with white. However, you should also choose the materials, from plastic to solid wood or MDF to polyvinyl. It all depends on the look you want, the budget at hand and the room being decorated. For instance, a bathroom with the humidity and moisture would be best fitted with polyvinyl that doesn’t warp.

Then, consider the layout and style of the windows because the shutters should complement these. The bottom line is that choosing the right option from a plantation shutters supplier means that you can show off your windows any way you desire, and they can even become the room’s focal point!

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