Installation Tips on Aluminum Windows

As time goes by, more people are investing in aluminum windows and doors. The only issue that comes with getting aluminum windows is the installation process. If you have never done it before, then it can get challenging. Here are some helpful tips that will go a long way to make this process easier for you.

Get the right measurement

One of the reasons why window installation is so hard is when one gets all the measurements wrong. Before work starts, ensure you measure out your windows as well as the space you plan on installing them in. Getting this step right will ensure that installing the windows goes by smoothly.

Positioning and leveling

With the right area measured out and holes drilled into place, the next step is to get the window in place. Get one or two people to help with this step since one of you needs to take a step back and see if it is level.

Once you position the window, check to see if it is in place. You need to use a packer to adjust the spacing and level the window instead of removing it entirely and reinserting it. That way, you save time and reduce the hassle of moving the window around.

Make the window flush

With the window in level, ensure it lies flush against the wall. You might need a set square to check for this. Move the window around to ensure that it fits perfectly into the position it needs to be. Messing up this step will make it hard to install the window.

Attaché one side

Using the holes, you drilled on the wall, drill the screws into the windows until it is firmly attached to the wall. You can use a set square once you are done drilling to ensure everything stays attached and in an upright position. Get someone to hold the window down as you do this step since it is easy for it to come off as you drill. Ensure the screws all get in correctly.

Attach the second side

With the first side attached, you can go ahead and attach the second side. Since one side is fully attached, you do not need anyone holding it down for you when you work on that other side. Ensure the screws are tightly attached before you go on.

Check for gaps

Once you are done with the installation process, take a step back and check for any gaps. In case of any spaces, ensure you fill them up with packers. Do not ignore these gaps, no matter how small, as they will affect the overall insulation of your home.

Clean up

With the window fully installed, all that is left is to give it a clean, and you are good to go. Give it a once over just to ensure everything is in the right place and angle.

Installing an aluminum window should be easy. With the steps above, you can get your window up in no time. Check us out at Weiye Aluminium to get the right window in bulk.

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