Importance of Electrical Cable in Our Daily Life

What is an electrical cable?

An Electrical cable used to connect two or more device for the distribution of electric power from one place to another. The cable types are used based on location and usage. It is a secure means of transmitting electricity for domestic or commercial purpose.

Different Types of Electric Cable

The Electric Cables are classified as

Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Cable

It is a popular Electrical Cable consist of two unshielded wires twisted together extensively used for LAN connection of computer and for telephonic connections. It’s a low-cost cable seen in all offices and network management systems.

Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) Cable

The STP cable protects the transmission line from electromagnetic leaking inside or outside of the cable. It is used in Ethernet networks for the fast transformation of data rate. The most widely used Electrical Cable is UTP cable. UTP cable has many advantages.

Coaxial Cable

This popular Electrical cable is shielded with metal and some engineered components help to block signal interference. It is used by all cable TV connectors for the continuous telecast of the programme from satellite to customer place.

Fibre Optic Cable

Fibre Optic Cable is also called as Optical Fibre cable. The assembly of this cable is similar like Electrical Cable but with more optical fibres to carry the light and for fast transmission of data. It is environmental friendly covered with a layer to avoid negative rays. It is highly used in telecommunication & internet transmission.

Two types of Optical Fibre are glass and plastic. It transports the signal from the light source to receiving mode. It is quite costly compared with other Electrical Cable.

Importance & Benefits of using Electrical Cable

Electricity is an important part of our day to day life. It has many applications. Electrical cable is the major part of electricity. We cannot image a electric supply without electric cable. Electrical supply Monroe offers all electrical equipment that you need.

In the electrical industry, Copper plays a major role as it is one of the few elements which avail in a large amount in the purest form. Most of the conducting alloy consists of copper in some percentage.

Electric current passes through the Electric Cable helps to passes the electric current through the conductor and helps to prevent leakage or distortion during distribution. This can be done by the wires been coated with copper.

Copper is a good conductor helps in preventing leakage in electric current supply. During power transmission, there is a possibility of electric leakage in the form of heat and distortion. Electric Cables helps to lower the rate of losing energy during transmission.

Applications of Electric Cable

  • Electrical Cable is mainly used in building wiring for power supply, lighting, and other electric purposes.
  • It is primarily used in Industrial applications. As it bare heavy load capacity also provides protection against failure in wire, it helps in reducing the risk factors.
  • It greatly helps to provide neutral and ground wiring.
  • It is mainly used in Telecommunication and Internet communication for transmission purpose.
  • Electrical Cable is also used in offices and construction line for various purposes.
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