Applications of cement in various fields

Cement is one of the products that come from certain chemicals. They have certain chemical properties and with the help of them, they are used to make some products and involved in some applications. One most popular and general use of cement is in constructions of buildings but they are not only used in the construction field and apart from that they are used in several applications based on the properties and usage. Here are some of the other applications that can be enjoyed using cement in various fields.


As the use of the great structural properties, the cement is used in the construction during the process of concrete.  With cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, and water are used. Generally, for the preparation of the concrete, only the ordinary Portland cement is used but when there are any complications some rapid hardening cement or high alumina cement can be used.

In building fireproof or heatproof structures

To withstand high temperature and in order to prevent fire accidents, structures are built cement products since the cement has the capacity of great fire-resistivity. To have such materials one of the best types of cement is the alumina cement.

Aesthetic structures

Nowadays it has become more common to have cement in different colors and this is by adding coloring agents. The allowed coloring agent is only up to 10% and only then the value will not be lost. This will make the structure look more beautiful even without painting them. They are highly used in floor finishing, stair treads, windows sill slabs, external wall surfaces, etc.

For manufacturing precast membranes

It is more common to find the pipes that are made of cement in areas like drains, pipes under culverts, etc. and it is one of the commonly found cement products. This is highly appreciated because of the size of the block, ease of construction and good strength, etc. Moreover, water tanks and septic tank are constructed using the cement concrete rings. Some other things like garden seats, lamp posts, dustbin, flower pots; etc can be manufactured using cement.

In the construction of roads

When the roads need to be strong and possess good strength one possible material is cement.  They possess rigid nature and called as rigid pavements but it is important to have good maintenance for the road as well.


Building chemical proof structures

Chemicals are something that has to be stored carefully with high care if not there can be any danger that can happen. To avoid those mishaps the cement is used based on its property of resistance for some chemicals like acids. Similarly, it is also applicable for the constructions under marine; sewage carrying structures are also built.

Whatever the product is, both nature and technology are also favored to human and it is important to preserve them. Make use of the great materials efficiently and have a comfortable life with the help of such materials without disturbing nature and other living beings.


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