How To Look After The Hardwood Flooring?

You surely are a fan of the white picket-fence fairy tale dream house that comes with a beautiful view, personalized garden, and undoubtedly, a hardwood flooring too. Well, this is where the reality sets in and you realize that this favorite wooden floor of yours isn’t going to clean itself and also it isn’t as easy as it looks to maintain the original polish and finish of the hardwood. Today, we are going to share some essential tips about the cleaning and maintenance of hardwood floors.

1) The best part about having wooden floors is their timeless beauty and if looked after well, they can last for decades. Though most of the wooden floors are hardwearing and also reasonably durable, you need to minimize the unwanted damage caused to it over the time.

2) The first rule is to wipe away any type of spill immediately. Just like how you use coasters in order to avoid water rings on wooden furniture, in the same way, you will have to make sure that the hardwood is always dry or yet, spill free. The top layer of lacquer or oil does protect the floor but if the liquid soaks into the wood then the damage caused is irreparable.

3) Another thing to protect the floor is from scratches and dents. Avoid walking with dirty and muddy footwear, if you spot stones or grit on the floor then clean them right away and yes, if you’ve got heavy furniture then please do not shift it frequently and unnecessarily because it is bound to leave its mark on the floor.

It is advisable that you pick up the heavy objects if possible than dragging it across the floor. Using anti-scratch felt protector pads are suggested as they act as a soft barrier between hardwood and the heavy object.

4) While cleaning the wooden floor with a vacuum cleaner, you must have the right attachments for the same. If you plan on doing manual cleaning then go for a soft bristle brush. Deep surface cleaning once a week is suggested.

5) You can always give your floor a new look with some sanding and refinishing work. Depending on the type of damage, you can get oil, lacquer or deep sand with polishing done. For expert help and consultation, you can contact Les Planchers Renaud et Fils for a complete floor makeover.

It’s time to get your flooring done right!


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