ikea over the toilet storage

IKEA Over the Toilet Storage

Bathrooms, often limited in space, require smart storage solutions. IKEA, known for its innovative and affordable furniture, offers a range of over-the-toilet storage options to help maximize space and keep your bathroom organized and clutter-free. This article explores the various styles and functionalities of IKEA’s over-the-toilet storage solutions.

Why Choose IKEA for Bathroom Storage

Space Efficiency

IKEA’s designs are focused on maximizing space, making their over-the-toilet storage units ideal for small bathrooms.

Style and Variety

From minimalist to modern, IKEA offers a diverse range of styles to fit any bathroom décor.


IKEA is renowned for providing quality furniture solutions at reasonable prices, making bathroom renovations accessible to more people.

Popular IKEA Over-the-Toilet Storage Options

The RÅGRUND Series

  1. Design and Material: Made from bamboo, RÅGRUND offers a natural look. It’s designed to fit around a standard toilet, providing shelves for storage.
  2. Sustainability: Bamboo is a sustainable material, aligning with IKEA’s commitment to eco-friendliness.

The VESKEN Shelf Unit

  1. Compact Design: Ideal for very small bathrooms, VESKEN is a slim, plastic shelf unit that can easily fit in tight spaces.
  2. Easy Assembly: Known for its tool-free assembly, this unit is perfect for those looking for a quick storage solution.


  1. Customizable Solutions: LILLÅNGEN offers cabinets and shelves that can be combined to create a tailored storage solution.
  2. Features: Some options include mirrors and doors, adding functionality and style to your bathroom.

Installation Tips

Measuring Your Space

Ensure to measure the area above your toilet to find a storage unit that fits perfectly without obstructing any bathroom fixtures.

Assembly and Mounting

Follow IKEA’s instructions carefully for assembly. If your unit needs to be mounted to the wall, consider hiring a professional to ensure it’s securely installed.

Alternatives to IKEA

DIY Solutions

For those who love crafting, creating a custom over-the-toilet shelf can be a rewarding project.

Other Retailers

Other home improvement and furniture stores offer similar storage solutions, providing a wide range of options to suit different tastes and budgets.


IKEA’s over-the-toilet storage units offer practical, stylish, and affordable options to enhance your bathroom’s functionality. Whether your space is limited or you’re simply looking to organize, IKEA has a solution to fit your needs.


How do I choose the right IKEA storage unit for my bathroom?

Consider the size of your bathroom, the style of your décor, and your storage needs when selecting a unit.

Can I customize these IKEA storage units?

While some units like LILLÅNGEN are customizable, others may not be as flexible. Check product specifications for customization options.

Are IKEA’s bathroom storage solutions durable?

IKEA designs its products to be durable, but longevity also depends on proper assembly and usage.

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