Evolution of Sheds (Designs and Functions)


For many years’ garden and storage sheds have usually been a very simple structure which people used to store their gardening equipment, tools and perhaps the odd bicycle. Traditionally these structures were never required for much more than this and their designs and materials were often very simple, and rarely very well secured. The way in which people use sheds these  days has changed and so too have the demands of what people expect from a shed. In fact, many shed builders today now offer a wide array of options including the choice of custom building your own shed from scratch, to match your individual wants and needs. So, what are some of the ways that sheds have changed?


By and large people are storing more expensive equipment in their sheds, which has called for heightened levels of security. Sheds for a long time were not seen as an easy target for thieves, and a padlock was sufficient enough to keep the shed safe. But today there is a greater call for security, which is also part of the reason why there has been an increase in metal storage sheds, with solid doors and sturdy structures. Functionality and practicality are often the driving forces behind change and in this aspect are the reasons as to why sheds have changed so much.


Style and aesthetic appeal never use to be a big part of buying/building a shed, beyond a solid lick of paint to make the building appear more ‘at home’ in a garden or an outdoor space. These days however there is a growing demand for sheds which look great, fit in with garden designs and provide something of a centrepiece/conversation starter. This look however is not just to do with the woods being used, with their unique grains and patterns, but also the design of the sheds themselves. Windows and doors are no longer afterthoughts of a shed design and many shed designs now incorporate ornate pieces, flower boxes and sealed windows giving these buildings an altogether different look from your typical garden sheds.

Part of the Home

Sheds are also being used more and more as detached extensions offering both a storage solution as well as providing a summerhouse feel to them. Highlighting this very point is the fact that many people are even building sheds with decked areas in front of them and, with a variety of in-shed functions such as electricity and running water, allowing them to become multipurpose for both storage and comfort.

Working Sheds

Another growing trend is the increasing number of working sheds which has meant many sheds are becoming larger. On top of this different materials are being used to add further structural integrity, as well as allow for an optimal workspace environment.

Sheds are no longer purely the outdoor storage huts that they once were, they are now stylish, well made, high quality and inviting buildings which are multipurpose and offer a great many number of impressive features.

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