How to Winterize Your Home?

If you live in a region where winter temperatures get below freezing, you understand the importance of winterizing your home. People who live in homes that are not properly prepared for winter weather may have trouble keeping their houses warm and toasty. You can make sure you and your family are prepared for cold snaps by taking three steps to winterize your home.

Test the Heating System

When cold weather hits, the first thing you usually do is turn on the heat. However, if you wait until the weather gets cold to test your heater, you may be in for a surprise if it isn’t working properly. It is a good idea to have the unit checked once or twice a year to make sure it is running smoothly. During these maintenance visits, a technician can tell you if you need a heat pump replacement James City County VA so you don’t have to wait until the heat goes out to fix the problem.

Protect the Pipes

Cold weather often causes water pipes to freeze and burst, which could be expensive to fix. You want to keep your pipes warm during cold snaps, so consider wrapping towels around them to keep the water in the pipes flowing instead of freezing. It also helps to turn every faucet in your house on, so it drips constantly. The practice keeps water moving in the pipes and doesn’t drastically increase your water bill.

Install Weather Stripping

Cold air has a way of infiltrating your home through cracks around the doors and windows. The walls are likely insulated sufficiently so the house can hold in heat, but if there is no weather stripping around the doors and windows, you may feel a chill any time you sit near one. Take time to install weather stripping around every door in your house to lock in warm temperatures. Doing the same with your windows can keep cold air from entering your home so your heater doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your house warm. This energy efficiency will lead to reduced utility bills so you can save more money.

Preparing your home for the winter is the best way to protect your family from harsh temperatures. By taking these three steps, you can shield your home from the cold and make sure the house stays at a comfortable temperature even during particularly nasty cold snaps.

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