5 Best Ways to Add Modern Designer Wallpaper to Your Interiors

Modern Wallpapers are taking over the interior of homes all over the world. Gone are the days, when people used to paint the colors and use hefty techniques to get the designs and print done. Wallpapers are with us from the 15th century, when papermaking was introduced in Europe. 

So it also has a history, just like any other interior aspect, but the question is – Why suddenly it had a surge in popularity? We all know how technology has evolved over time and with that wallpapers have become less tacky, and easy-to-remove procedure, just as simple it is to put them up.

Now that, I have mentioned modern wallpaper is an important part of interior design. Where can you find the best of them? Click here to get to the website having various wallpaper options from solid colors to artistic designs and from the 70s to futuristic patterns.

Here in this article, you will read about integrating the modern designer wallpaper in interior design. I have tried to add the best modern wallpaper to choose according to the room in the house.

Without much delay, let’s move ahead with the topic.

Modern Wallpaper Ideas for Interior Designing

You can get modern designer wallpapers for each and every room, including the bathroom (they come with waterproofing, so don’t worry about it getting wet and slippery!). I have mentioned the best wallpaper to select according to rooms. You can’t go with a single aesthetic for every room.


A bedroom is a place where you relax your mind and body after the hectic day at school, college, or office. You need to have interiors that are calming and give an immense soothing effect to the room. You can go for pastel color with a geometric print like in the image.

If that seems too simple, get your bedroom a floral print designer wallpaper with birds on branches and colorful flowers hanging beautifully. The black color can also stimulate sleep (for some people).


A place where your tongue gets sensational tastes and stomach – the relief from hunger. However, it is a place where mothers, wives, and cooks spend most of their time refining culinary skills. Hence it needs to be the most lively space. What are the best modern wallpaper ideas for kitchen?

The yellow and white combination with a repetitive honeycomb and dotted pattern will give the kitchen a retro and bright look. I personally recommend adding bright colors to the kitchen for sustainable interiors, as it will allow the natural light to fill up space properly. Another better option is to add the brick effect wallpaper.

Living Room

The center room of the house or apartment or space where the entire family (friends and guests as well) is seen together gossiping and spending quality time with each other. It will have a maximum amount of furniture and technology installed, so choose a wallpaper that will attract attention.

Normally, we create a focus wall where TV, home theatre, photo frames, etc. is installed in a living room for the refreshed memories. Besides that, every wall is in similar color. I would recommend going to amazon leaf wallpaper for focus wall and solid color for others.


Okay, now I am speechless! Bathrooms are for taking bath obviously, but its interior also matters. Imagine taking a shower in a cluttered place and there’s nothing appealing to look at. Accept it or not, our minds are most creative when we are taking a warm shower (there’s a scientific reason behind it). Go for tropical, floral, or illusive wallpapers like the one in image.

Children’s Room

Children are meant to be naughty, if not they, who will do the mischiefs around the house? However, the most unorganized and ugly looking room is also of children’s. Painting a wall again can be  pocket-sensitive  and also tedious to keep them intact. So go for easy to clean wallpapers, but don’t forget to keep the energy alive

Try to avoid solid colors, instead opt for prints like flora and fauna, hot air balloons, insects, polka dots, geometrical patterns, etc. These wallpapers will keep the child’s mind occupied as well as creative.

Closing Statement on Modern Wallpapers:

So these were 5 modern designer wallpaper ideas to accommodate in your house’s interior. Consider all the aspects while choosing the wallpaperyour from your favorite color to the style of the room. Hope this article helped you in making right choices for interior designing.

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