Get Windows for the Occasion


Windows serve more purpose that just giving you a good view from your room. Windows play a vital role in supporting energy efficiency through the seasons. They are also not all created equal, older windows don’t have the enginuity necessary to regulate airflow; think about investing in replacements that are designed to support temperature control So, here is what you should know if you ever need to google energy efficient windows Philadelphia County PA.

Think About the Seasons

Energy efficient windows can play a big role in getting you through the seasons without wasting your bills. If you’re thinking about getting new windows, you should look into maximizing their efficiency. Consider buying things like solar film, awnings and blinds to control how much sunlight enters your home. This is especially useful in the summer when leaving blinds up can allow sunlight to heat your home more than outside temperatures would. Extra sunlight means hotter homes and more work for your air conditioning so keep that in mind. Winter has its own challenges. Check for cracks in your windows that could allow cold air to leak in and overwork your furnace. Windows themselves may or may not be able to support temperature control; so, think about getting gas filled windows that reduce heat loss in the winter.

Consider Storm Windows

Storm windows with the right coating are more cost efficient than fully replacing windows. You can just add it as a new layer to support your current window. A particular type of storm window is the Low-E window. This type is designed to reflect outside temperatures back and keep internal temperatures inside. Older versions of storm windows were not great at controlling emissivity, but new iterations feature coating on the glass that lowers transmission. They also have the added benefit of reducing outside noise too; you can get more comfort in your home by drowning out those noisy neighbors. Their lifespan is upwards of 7 years, so your dollar goes pretty far for the cheaper price you paid for installation.

If You Decide to Fully Replace Your Frame or Windows

If you decide that a full replacement is necessary, then you should have energy efficiency at the top of your mind. Besides the type of window you want, frames are also really important. Aluminum and metal frames are sturdy but they conduct heat quickly so they can’t effectively insulate your home. You would have to get a thermal break or cover to do the job of temperature control for this frame. Composite frames are made of wood. While they are better insulators, they are subject to damage from moisture and decay over time. Fiberglass frames can be filled insulating material in their air cavities, which gives them better temperature control than wood and unsupported metal.

As a homeowner, you have to put a lot of thought in your windows. They can really make a difference in how much energy you waste and how much money you spend in changing seasons and certain climates. Think about where you live and how your windows can better maintain temperatures in your house for a more comfortable living experience.

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