How to Use LEDs in Your Home

LEDs have continued to take off in popularity, due in part to their energy efficiency, long lifespan, durability and superior light quality. The advancement in LED technology has made room for decreased prices and a much wider range of styles and colour temperatures. While the up-front costs of LEDs are still more than incandescent and fluorescents, LEDs have proven to be worth the cost, with lifespans of up to 20 years and reduced energy bills.

From bedroom task lighting to illuminating an entire landscape, with LEDs the only flaw is your own imagination. Let’s look at five ways to incorporate LED lights into your home.

In the Kitchen: LED Strips

Proper lighting is essential in the kitchen, from the floor to the ceiling. With so many options and application methods available; it’s really no wonder that LED lighting has now become a staple in modern day kitchen design. LED strip lighting has an adhesive backing, a wide variety of colour temperatures and endless lengths, and it can be easily applied to your upper cabinets for the ‘wow’ factor. Why not show off your favourite dishes in glass-front cabinets or open shelving; and light them with strip lights. For a wine cabinet, LEDs are the best alternative to incandescent lighting, as LEDs emit very little heat and UV light, which prevents any damage to your favourite bottle of wine.

In the Living Room: LED Downlighting

When we think of recessed lighting and living spaces, we see a match made in heaven. Retrofit your pre-existing recessed cans with LED bulbs for increased efficiency and dazzling light. Not only are they designed to hold LED bulbs, but they can provide better quality light, come with built-in heat prevention and last longer.

In the Bathroom: LED Sconces

As many of you will agree, there is nothing worse than getting ready in a bathroom that has minimal or just unflattering lighting. Incandescent lights can make things look more yellow, while fluorescents can wash out a space. By opting for LED lighting for the bathroom, you can target a light temperature that works best for you and your bathroom. LED sconces offer a variety of favourable light temperatures from cool to warm and every which temperature in between. Through the use of wall-mounted LED sconces, instead of hopeless overhead lighting, the person standing in front of the mirror will be illuminated in the right colour temperature and will avoid any unflattering shadows coming from above.

In the Bedroom: LED Floor and Table Lamps

In the bedroom, creating ambient lighting is key. Table lamps, beside task lighting and floor lamps are perfect little additions for helping to create a welcoming room without the harsh glare of overly bright pendant lights. LED bedside task lights are brilliant choices for crisp, bright lighting. Replace your table and floor lamp bulbs with LEDs as they literally blow incandescent bulbs out of the water when you compare the energy efficiency and durability.

In the Garden: LED Landscape and Security Lighting

The latest trend in LED lighting is taking over the garden. As the frontrunners in durability and quality, LED lighting is an exceptional choice for exterior setting to avoid having to replace bulbs every few months. Dispersed low-light LED landscape lighting not only adds dramatic illumination to your outdoor space, but also a level of security. LED lighting is also better for the environment when compared to the alternatives.

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