How Important is it to Timely clean your Chimney?

Living rooms are often in the heart of most English homes and often the meeting point of the house and friendly environment to relax and unwind with your family. They love designing the kitchen for their comfort, making it look attractive and beautiful. With most traditional English homes having fireplaces making chimneys a significant role in living room

Chimneys throw out all the pollutants and smoke and keep your living room smokeless and habitable for you and your family. But after a certain period of time, what happens is that the accumulated soot as well as creosote a black sticky substance in the chimney reduces the effective of the chimney to do its prime job effectively, vent the room.

If you don’t keep your chimney clean, it will stop working and would instead of venting the smoke outside will instead with out an effective chimney would fill the room with smoke.

Why is it so important to clean your chimney?

●      Health:

A dirty chimney which is blocked can spread carbon monoxide, really harmful for you your family and your pets health. Carbon monoxide poisoning is extremely dangerous and can causes headache, nausea, and fainting as well leading to permanent brain damage and even death. Better to clean the chimney instead of dying because of such a small mistake.

●      Dirt and dust:

If you have a dirty chimney, it will produce a very foul smell which can spread throughout the house. Such bad odour will not let you live and enjoy your cup of coffee in peace. This smell is from the build up of soot, a black dust like substance which often has a tendency to spread around the house if not properly dealt with. A proper chimney cleaning will stop this and is vital to prevent your chimney from making your house from smelling.

Because chimney keeps our houses away from the smell, smoke, and pollution of our fires it’s our duty to return back something in the form of its maintenance. Chimney cleaning should be carried out annually if not twice annually to keep your home fresh and healthy. Hiring a professional is often inexpensive and relatively easily process with thousands across the UK which can be found with a simple Google search in your local area and by looking at reviews online or getting recommendations from friends and family. Often taking very little time to gain an appointment and often taking no longer than an hour to complete the sweep it’s a no brainer to call an expert rather than take the risk of trying to clean your chimney yourself.

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