How to Update a Tired Conservatory

When you first have your conservatory created it’s a space that feels fresh, new and inviting, but after a few years, the conservatory can often become the neglected part of the house. With time and passing years, your conservatory can begin to look tired and dated, which as a result can mean you spend less and less time there. Now is the time to change things up a little and update your tired conservatory and give it a new lease of life. With the following tips, you’ll gain inspiration on how to transform your conservatory and create a space you absolutely love. 

Create a Beautiful Retreat

Having a relaxing retreat within your home will instantly help you to wind down after a long day. By adding some fresh furniture pieces to space, such as a wicker sofa or some gorgeous fresh flowers, you can really transform the space and make it feel like a mini oasis in the comfort of your own home. Many garden equipment suppliers stock a great selection of conservatory furnishings and equipment, like the range at Two Wests or Home Sense. Once you have your furniture in place, you can fill the room with flowers from this website and they are going to bring a delicate scent to your home, creating a space that you can enjoy whatever the weather! 

French Country Vibes

Combining white paint with floral wall papers, the French country style is one that many adopt for their conservatory. Complementing the decor with chic white furniture pieces can really capture that French feel and bring the space to life. You often find that a traditional French country interior style sees white, blues and pastel greens used together to create a clear theme. For the added French touch, finish off the conservatory perfectly with a bold floral centrepiece to draw the space together. 

Invite the Light In

Natural light is an essential part of any room, especially the conservatory. Conservatory design is ideal for letting that natural light flow through the room so it’s important to make the most to the lighting you can get. Whether you use Velux windows or you have bi-folding doors that run the full length of the room, there are lots of ways to invite the light in. Natural lighting is also ideal for creating a warm, welcoming feel within the room, which is exactly what you want to achieve with your conservatory. 

Make it Cosy

During the winter months, the conservatory can be a really cosy, relaxing space. Have you ever sat and listened to the rain patter down on the Velux windows, or watched the snow fall gently onto the lawn whilst you’re all cosy and warm inside? Well, the conservatory is a great place to do this, so you want it to be warm and cosy enough for you to enjoy it. To make your conservatory feel warm and cosy, add some soft furnishings complemented by soft accessories such as a throw and cushions. You can then look at adding a soft rug and some stylish curtain to add to the overall feel of the room. To finish off the perfect cosy feel, add some scented candles or fairy lights to the room to really capture that cosy atmosphere. 


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