How To Prepare Your Self Storage Unit For Spring

Find out how to prepare your self storage unit for spring, so you get the best possible use out of the space in the coming year.

Spring is well on its way, and the main focus for most people during this time of year, is the home. Freshening up every room, doing some improvements ready for summer, getting the garden ready for a barbecue or five. What many people forget to work on during this time is their self storage unit, even though it is an extra bill being paid and so, deserves to be tended to just as the home does. With that in mind, and to ensure you are protecting your monthly investment in cheap self storage, here are our top tips for preparing your self storage unit for spring:

Be Ready To Make A Mess…. Or Not To Do Anything At All

Your unit might actually be great as it is, but you still need to check that is the case so you know for sure that all your items are safe, and are where they should be. On the other hand, you also need to set aside enough time to spend the day at the unit if you need to, because often we need to make a mess before we can tidy anything up. Be prepared for anything, and should you need to put the work in, you’ll be ready for it.

Collect Spring Items To Take Home

As the seasons are changing, it might be the right time to take spring and summer items from the unit for cleaning and placing. Garden furniture, cushions, the barbecue, childrens garden toys and gardening tools might all need to come home. To make the journey as efficient as possible, you may wish to prepare and pack winter items from home (Christmas decorations, winter sports equipment, winter bedding etc) to swap with the spring items kept in your unit.

Clean And Declutter

You may wish to have a hoover and a dust of your unit to ensure it is as clean as possible. You may also want to declutter the space, to ensure you’re using a unit the size you need. You might only need one half the size after you have decluttered, instantly saving you money.


Is your unit as organised as it can be? Do you find it easy to find what it is you are looking for? If you don’t you might want to take this time to organise it all. You only need a little notepad to write down which boxes contain which items, or at least to tell you where things are in the unit. You might get more out of self storage (see just by organising the space.

Treat It As An Extention Of Your At-Home Spring Cleaning

Don’t forget that your unit is an extension of your at-home spring cleaning. Decluttering your home is a great idea for spring, and your unit enables you to store items you want to sell or perhaps makeover and bring back to the home at a later date. You may wish to store items from the home in your unit whilst you decorate different rooms. Your unit can be exceptionally handy during spring cleaning, so don’t forget to use it in full.

You pay for cheap self storage so it makes sense to check-in and give it a bit of care in preparation for spring, the same way you prepare your home for the new season. Just an hour or two spent at the unit could ensure you make the most of this valuable asset during spring, and all year round. You can find out more about self storage costs here.


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