Your Guide to Buying Kitchen Cabinets


Along with your counters and table furniture, your kitchen cabinets are significant, impactful structures for any room. Not only are they very important for both storage and design, they are also large pieces of furniture that make a striking impact in your kitchen. Mismatching design aesthetic, color choice, or wood finish could lead to an expensive and time-consuming fix. Make sure your process of finding, purchasing and installing new kitchen cabinets goes smoothly by following along with our guide to buying kitchen cabinets that you will be sure to love! For a complete, inspiring kitchen showroom in New York, call or visit Leicht NY today to see all of your options for a gorgeous new kitchen remodel!

What Kind of Cabinets Should You Be Looking For?

The first step in any remodel process is to measure and plan out the room you are redoing. Kitchen space is very meticulous, so extra planning should go into measuring your wall space for cabinets and counters, as well as floor space so everyone can move around with ease. After you have a general blueprint for how your final design is going to look, you can narrow your search results to only the cabinet options that fit your space constrictions. Aside from spacing specifications, your cabinets will also need to be in line with the chosen design aesthetic of your kitchen. While you may not have every color picked out yet, you will want to at least know what color or wood finish your cabinets should be in order to make a good final decision. If you are unsure of what your new kitchen color scheme is going to be, you can also opt for a more neutral tone in your cabinets by installing plain wood models, or by sticking to a neutral color. Glass front cabinets are another great option, and they will be easier to match with any decoration decisions that may be made after this large installation.

What Cabinets Would Work Best in Your Space?

Once you have taken all the measurements for your kitchen and have sketched out what you want the final layout to look like, it’s time to start finding the perfect new cabinet fixtures for your kitchen. To find out what cabinets would suit your kitchen best, start by browsing through a kitchen showroom in New York to see what inspiration you can take from similar projects. If you are working within a specific budget or time constraint or even design scheme, a showroom will be able to help you find new styles that you may not have considered, or even a layout that could fit your project better than the plans you originally drafted. Showrooms can offer a variety of design inspirations that can help you just get new ideas, or they can even offer you new products and companies that you can buy.

If you’re creating an airy, open kitchen with lots of space to move around, you could consider placing cabinets only on one or two walls maximum, therefore adding lots of floor space on the other two walls for counters and even table furniture. If you are working with a large space, place cabinets on three walls to increase your storage capability and give you easy access to any tools you may need for cooking. Whenever you begin creating a new plan for a kitchen redesign, be sure to not only map out the dimensions of your upgraded room, but also plan out the design aesthetic you want to achieve. Find incredible inspiration from a kitchen showroom in New York when you call the incredible team of kitchen experts at Leicht NY today!

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