How to Prepare Your Home for Removalists in Brisbane?

Is your moving day approaching? Have you hired a removalist company to do the job? If you have, you certainly feel more relaxed and less panicked, knowing that the process will be taken care of by professionals.

However, you shouldn’t be completely relaxed, as you’ll still have couple of obligations around the house. Hiring movers doesn’t mean that you are not involved in the process at all.

On the contrary, you should help them by preparing your home before they arrive. By doing all the necessary preparations, you aren’t just helping the movers, but also yourself. A good mutual collaboration leads to a fast and efficient way of doing things.

You are the one who benefits the most out of the quick and secure moving process. Therefore, the following tips will teach you how to prepare your home in the best way before the removalist company arrives on scene.

Do the packing

If you don’t trust the removalist company to do the packing for you or you want to avoid additional cost, then you should do it yourself before the moving truck comes. You’ll need a lot of boxes in different sizes as well as bubble wrap for the fragile items.

It’s a good idea to place the breakable and valuable items in separate boxes in order to warn the movers about their safety during transport. After placing everything into the boxes, don’t forget to label them in different colors and write the name of the room where the things in the box should be placed in your new home. By doing this, the movers will know where to leave them and you won’t waste time in searching for your items.

If you don’t finish the packing on time or you wait for the movers to come and then start, they’ll help you with it, but you’re naturally going to be charged for their service. Most companies offer packing services, see website. So, if you aren’t capable of doing the task yourself, plan this additional service ahead, not on the day.

Take care of your house

After boxing everything up, make sure your house is ready for the movers. Your belongings aren’t the only things which get damaged, your floors and walls can be too. Therefore, you are advised to put tarpaulin sheets on the floors in each room, the hall and the doorsteps.

Apart from preventing damage, in this way you’re also preventing potential injuries in case the weather is rainy or snowy. Snow and ice can cause real trouble for movers, if you don’t put anything over the tiles or parquets.

Another good idea is to tape all the doors and windows, to avoid damage in the process of relocating the furniture. You should do it both in your old and new home.

Don’t let small children and pets around

Moving house and small children don’t go hand in hand, as they’ll obstruct the process or even worse, get hurt. If your children stay in the house, you’ll have to keep an eye on them all the time, tracking their moves and stressing about their safety.

In order to avoid additional stress, it’s wise to take your kids to some of your family members to look after them during the day. If there’s nobody available, hire a babysitter.  You’ll be able to focus your attention on the moving while not having to worry about a potential accident.

Having your pet run around on moving day is a bad idea, as there are big chances for it to run away. Removalists leave all the doors open and pets can use this as opportunity to get out of the house. If they don’t spend much time outside, they might get lost and looking for your pet on this day is the last thing on your agenda.

Leave the pet at your neighbor or friend or put it in a place big enough to lie down, but with no possibility to escape.

Don’t forget the parking

Even if you have everything ready, forgetting the parking can be a big issue. The best thing is to see all the parking possibilities on the day when the movers do a visual survey of your house.

After determining the size of the vehicle they need to place your belongings, they’ll know the size of the parking space. If your parking space is not big enough or you simply don’t have one, you’ll need to find a solution such as providing a permit for parking on the street. Click on the following link:, to see if you need this type of permit in the state where you live.

Tip the movers

Tipping movers is one thing people tend to forget when the process is over. Normally, you should tip them only if you’re satisfied with their service. The amount of the tip depends on you. You can tip them separately or as a team and let them divide the amount later. If you don’t want to tip them, it’s okay, as you’ve already paid for their services.

Wrap up

Hiring a team of professional removalists means less work for you. However, it doesn’t mean no work at all.

Do your best to prepare everything before they arrive, so that the moving goes smoothly, without any stress or worries.

Good organization is the key to success!

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