How to Install Solar Panels to Heat a Pool

The installation of solar pool heating matting of solar panel is quite easy and cost-effective. The cost of the project is comparatively less than using non-renewable energy resources. It is energy efficient and accumulates high end energy in the pump that later combine with the water supported by glass, copper, steel or aluminium to heat it up. Here we have discussed about some of the effective ways of installing the solar panels for heating the pool naturally. 

Check out your climatic conditions beforehand

Determine the current challenges of climate in your vicinity. It plays out an important role in selecting the period of installation of solar pool heating matting. For an instance, in summer season the requirement of warm water reduces while in the winter season, it boosts up the requirement of solar pool. 

Installation of valve and filtration equipment 

After that, look for installation of a 3-way valve into the pool placed with the pump. Make sure it is synced with the filtration tool at par that will be arranged in such a way that effectively sidestep the panel. Determine that there is no blockage and is adjusted directly and sufficiently. 

Installation of Pipe – as an investment element 

Once you install a right valve, simultaneously install the pipe in T fitting that will be located in the second pipe. This pipe will be of utmost importance during the winter season. It possesses the capacity of clearing all the drainage and cleaning the pool water without any additional hassles at the helm. Thus, it serves as a strong investment opportunity in the long run. While installing, make sure you have checked its sizes and shapes. Because these pipes should be uniform in size ensuring quick flow of the water. Also, determine the location of solar panel in context to the pipe. Keep the pipes flexible on an easy removable ground in case of removing it in any season at par. Keep it neat and clean on a regular basis. 

Installation and connectivity rightly develops the solar pool 

After the installation of all the required pipes and valves, check out whether all the connections are rightly serving the optimal purpose to the fullest. Till now you have already placed the solar panels in such a way that it will capture and accumulate direct rays of sun. Therefore, after such installation, make sure that you have connected all the panels with one another into one single fitting. You need to pay careful attention if there is any leakage or not because it is strong in and out connectivity that will hold on the water and in return warm it up. Drain out air out of the panels, it can lead to congestion into long run. 

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