How To Maintain Commercial Carpet In Winter

Winter can be rough on your home, your car, and your place of business. The carpet in particular. Commercial carpeting is designed and manufactured to withstand high levels of foot traffic and other abuses that come part and parcel with operating many different types of businesses.

But there’s one thing that can significantly mar the appearance of your commercial carpet and, luckily, it’s only a seasonal hazard associated with the coldest time of the year: Salt.

It’s used to help melt snow and ice that accumulates on roads and sidewalks and you’re probably stepping through it on your way to work in the dead of winter. The salt itself isn’t the problem however, it’s the residue that gets left behind. You’ve probably seen it before, a white hazy layer of film that you might find in those areas where snow and ice have started to dissolve.

When you or your customers step in that residue, it gets on the soles of shoes and boots. Those soles walk across your commercial carpet and the residue can get tracked onto it pretty easily. As a result, the carpet becomes stained with visible evidence of that residue which can be extremely difficult to remove.

So much so, you typically need to call your local carpet cleaners summerville to deal with it, becauseattempting to remove the stains yourself based on simple, everyday carpet cleaning tips can actually do more harm than good and you might end up with permanent damage.

Preventing Salt Stains

Like most things involving carpet, prevention is best and since residue stains are such a challenge to lift out of fibers, you should do all you can to keep shoes and salt off the carpet in the first place. Taking such measures actually starts outside the door to your business instead of inside where the carpet resides.

You must clear away ice and snow along the walkways, roads, and driveways around your business to reduce the amount of salt being utilized to melt these things. No salt means little to no residue being tracked into your business and over your commercial carpet.

If your business doesn’t have many visitors coming in and the only individuals walking along the carpet are your employees, you may want to ask them to remove their shoes while they are on the clock. That way you can all but eliminate the chance of shoes marring your carpets due to salt residue.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Sometimes mistakes happen and carpets get messy. Vacuuming your carpeting is always a good idea no matter what time of year it is, but when it’s the winter and you are dealing with the slush, snow, and yes, salt residue that can dragged onto your carpet, the best bet is to do nothing.

Sure you can spot clean dirty snow and slush but if it’s that tough salt residue, leave it alone. You could do more damage to the carpet trying to clean it. The better option is to have it done professionally so your carpets are protected from damage.




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