How To Keep Your Rugs And Carpets Looking Guest-Ready

You never know who’s going to drop in and when. So you want your carpets and rugs to look their best anytime guests drop by. The best way to do that, of course, is to maintain your carpet with regularity. That’s why it’s a good idea to call high point rug cleaning service every so often. Our experts can make sure your floor coverings are always ready for presentation to visitors who walk through your front door.

In between professional cleanings, however, you will need to do some light upkeep in order to prevent your carpets and rugs from losing their luster. A dull, grimy carpet can be embarrassing, especially in front of first-time guests who have never been to your home and are unaware of your normal cleaning habits.

Don’t get caught unprepared the next time guests drop in. Follow these simple steps for preserving the look and feel of your rugs and carpets to make them ready for prime-time, anytime.


It doesn’t get more basic or easy than getting out the old vacuum cleaner and giving your rugs and the carpets the once over. Some of you may even have those robot vacuums that do the work for you. It sure makes it pretty easy to vacuum your rugs and carpets once a week, which is the recommended cycle for eliminating all of the things that can get ground in from weekly foot traffic.

Not only are you protecting the appearance of your floor coverings but you are preserving their condition at the same time. Things like dirt, hair, germs, dander, and assorted bacteria won’t just dull the look of your carpet fibers but these things can actively damage them as well if left there long enough.


While you won’t be doing this as often as you would with your vacuum, it’s important to shampoo your rugs and carpets. This is because moisture is a component of carpet shampooing and excessive levels of moisture can do more harm than good for your floor coverings.

So once a month is good enough and doing so can be extremely effective at lifting those stubborn stains and wiping out the germs and bacteria that is usually stuck deep inside your carpet fibers.

Spot Cleaning

When something spills or someone makes a mess on your carpet, the best bet for keeping those rugs and carpets looking fresh at all times is to clean up that mess immediately. You can’t leave spilled wine, juice, or pet droppings on the carpet or rug for very long, otherwise you will allow for stains and odors to set in and remain until you have them professionally steam cleaned.

Vacuuming and shampooing are going to be ideal for routine maintenance but if you aren’t picking up messes and accidents as quickly as possible, then you are doing your carpets and rugs a grave disservice.

Stains are not something you want your guests to see when they first walk into your home. Spot cleaning can help avoid that from happening.


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