How to Inspect Your Roof for Leaks 

Having a leak-proof roof over your head makes your home the most comfortable place to stay during a rainy season. A roof is your only defence in harsh weather. However, most homeowners forget to inspect their roofs until it’s late, and they have to replace it, which is often costly. 

A roof can break any time because of strong winds that blow off the shingles, ferocious storms, and tear and wear. So, how do you inspect your roof and find out the exact location of leaks? What should you do to ensure your roof remains free of any leakages?  Here are the tips you need to inspect your roof for leaks like a pro.

Climb up the roof for visual inspection 

Not every roof leak will require an expert roofer to mend. Before you can reach out to Selder Roofing to inspect your roof, you should make your hands dirty a bit. Take a ladder and climb up the roof to find out the exact location of the leak.  Once you climb the top of your roof, you should check that all the shingles are in perfect condition. 

Check for any blistering, missing shingles, warping, cracks, and rust. Also, check if the pipes and vents on the roof are working correctly.  This is one of the easiest ways to establish if your roof is in perfect condition.

Look out for any vegetation

Another sign that your roof needs immediate repair to fix leaks is the presence of lichen and mould. Green vegetation on your roof is a sign that moisture is infiltrating in the underlying roof causing decay. It won’t take long before your roof collapses if you cannot fix the issue on time.

When you climb up the roof, and you notice any green vegetation, you should take careful steps because the board may have weakened. Check for any signs of sand, plant, and asphalt grit build-up in the gutters, which may be proof that your roof needs renovation.

Check out for signs of leakage

Sometimes you don’t have to climb to the top of your roof to establish if you have a leakage or not. If you notice any staining on the roof decking and some patches on the ceiling, it means the roof has leaks.  Also, if there is moisture in your fireplace’s mortar and some peeling paint on the roof’s edge, your roof is likely to be leaking. 

If you want to prevent excess damage on your roof, you should reach out to a roofing contractor for immediate repairs. Once you discover the problem’s source, don’t hesitate to take immediate action to have it fixed.

Final Thoughts 

Roof leaks can cause severe problems with your home. Apart from increasing the risk of roof collapse, leaks also make your home uncomfortable during rains. Mould growth is also a health risk that you have kids around.  Always inspect your roof on time and hire a roofer to have all the leaks fixed on time to keep your roof in perfect shape. 

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