Vintage Vibes: Give Your Home a Groovy Makeover! 

No matter how modern you become, there is a part inside you that is head over heels for the vintage looks. Don’t you agree? 

The chills you get in your spine when you look at the classic series/movie of the 60s or 70s are irresistible. Everything about that era is nothing but fascinating: clothes, makeup, transportation, people, stories, and of course, home interiors. I don’t think there is any person in this entire world who doesn’t want to own those antique clocks. Right? 

Having said that, are you one of those who wait for Halloween to dress up and make their house look like the 60s? If yes, why? The vintage look is timeless. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to feel its vibe. You can create those vibes at your place whenever you want. 

Yes, you guessed it right! I am talking about doing a makeover. But how? Well, it is all about your imagination and mix-match. Every person has a different taste in vintage style. However, there are a few things that every person prefers for sure. 

So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it! 

Antique cabinets for the corners

Your hallway is the first thing that every person sees whenever they visit you. So, it is vital to make it look classic and chic. You can do that by enhancing the look of corners by adding antique cabinets. Go for wood art on the cabinets or the colorful cabinets reflecting traditional handicrafts. 

Besides that, you can decorate them with flower pots, candlestick holders, or small photo frames. Along with that, you can also add carpets/rugs on the floor and hang the old paintings on the wall. 

Create a fireplace but with a twist 

Can you think of an antique house that doesn’t have a fireplace in it? No. Right? It is a must-have when you are going for an old-school makeover. However, creating an original fireplace is a headache and requires a lot of resources. So, what could be its alternative? 

Can’t think of anything? That’s alright! I got your back! You can go for the most realistic electric fireplace that uses modern technology to make it look like a real fire. Generally, these create holographic flames that are perfect for the ambiance. 

Use lamps to enhance the look

Vintage is all about aesthetics. And you can’t think of aesthetics without lamps. So go and get all the lamps you have at your place. The oldest, the better. Use them to make the area look warmer and inviting. Moreover, you can add them to your garden as well to make your backyard look more beautiful. You can also pair fairy lights with lamps to illuminate the garden. 

Add Cushion for cozy appeal

Lastly, make your living room cozy and comfortable with cushions. You can create a small sitting space with a mattress, pillows, and settees. Believe me; it will become the favorite place for your friends to relax. 

Wrapping up!

All these ideas can make your home look aesthetically pleasing and inviting. They may just look like decorations items to others, but for you, it will include sentimental value. So, ask yourself what do you like the most and include it in your makeover. 

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