How to Have a Healthier and Cleaner Home or Office

Your Home is one of the most important places for you. After all, it is your refuge after a long day at work. Your residence is like a body, because it needs care as much as you need care. So, as we usually do medical check-up, so does the external and internal structure of the house need regular cleaning and maintenance.

Keeping your home healthy and clean prevents many diseases, but in addition to preventing diseases, a balanced environment energetically prevents other evils of everyday life. It is important to live in an organized space, clean, and with good energy. It sounds hard to believe, but the way you treat your home can influence your health: mental and physical. It is proven the benefit of natural light, especially in the morning is indispensable. So, as soon as you wake in the morning, open the windows.

In this report, you’ll find some of these details to keep your home healthy, a small list of things and places that even after a great clean-up can still contain minor damaging details. Check them out!

Avoid mould in the bathroom

In the bathroom the bath mat can be one of the bad guys when it comes to dirt. Sometimes, because it is not exposed to the sun, it gets wet longer and thus facilitates the proliferation of bacteria and fungi. It is advisable to change the carpet whenever possible during the week. And also, always leave the carpet in the sun to dry. The rubber mat that sits inside the stall also needs to be cleaned and hung to dry. With small care and hygiene weekly, you avoid proliferation of fungi and bacteria in the elements of your bathroom.

Allow natural light to reach the living room

Keeping a healthy residence is like having your daily hygiene routine, so it’s true for your home. Open the windows and let your residence be invaded by natural light. In addition, some decorative objects in your living room can be washed with neutral detergent or with a damp cloth, but with a clean cloth. Of course, to avoid accumulating dust or dirt, it is necessary that these objects be cleaned regularly.

For example, carpets can also cause allergies, among other diseases. Besides being important to change the cushions when necessary, to keep them clean it is advisable and to place them also in the sun at one time or another and the same cleaning process is valid for carpets.

Let air circulate around the room

Sometimes some people wake up with a terrible feeling of tiredness after a long night’s sleep. This is very common, but can be avoided with some morning care, so your room will be transformed into a healthy environment with good energy.

The main task in the morning is to let the air circulate around the room. Because it is normal during sleep the body releases toxins, so the energy of the environment stands still. Then, by opening the windows, you automatically renew the air and in addition eliminate toxins and germs from your room. With the simple act of opening the window, in addition, you still help renew the vital energy of the environment and ready for a great night of sleep, without feeling the next day of fatigue!

Office cleaning and its effect on productivity

A clean work environment reflects directly on employee productivity and well-being, as cleanliness and space organization also generate mental organization as well as prevent stress. For these people, this light and comfortable scenario makes all the difference, because they make them more willing to develop their activities with more energy and creativity.

One of the most important factors for a professional decision is the work environment, and every employee hopes to at least find his workplace pleasant, clean and healthy. Cleaning companies such as Elbowgrease should clean these environments as a priority, so their employees can work quietly and with better quality, increasing the motivation and consequently the company’s results.

How to keep the workplace clean and improve employee productivity

The maintenance must come from the employees responsible for cleaning, but all employees can also contribute, day to day, to the environment to remain organized. Everyone can be responsible in keeping the table clean and organized, but for this, it is necessary that people change some habits and worry about the small details, like the little ones in computer keyboards, for example. Here are some practical tips that can prevent dirt buildup or micro-organisms from proliferating in your office or workplace:

Cleaning the environment

To maintain a clean place, there must be constant cleaning. Not all dirt is apparent, so investing in companies with specialized teams is always a good request. For these services you can count on our team, that executes the procedures with speed and quality in own place. Make a simulation in our store and do not waste any more time!

Each one must do his part

A clean and organized place, besides attractive, is functional, so always have a hand to wipe the dust off the table and objects. Do not leave papers stacked, throw the trash in the correct place. Share organizational tips with colleagues, remember that the cleaner the environment, the greater the focus! Nobody wants to get known as the “mess of the piece.”

Let in air into your workplace or office

Allow the air to be renewed by opening windows and doors whenever you can. Places with poor ventilation increase the level of proliferation between parasites and fungi due to moisture.

Invest in plants

There are dozens of indoor plants that, besides being beautiful, give life and improve the air! If not enough, the plants help improve concentration, attention span and memory by about 20%, according to studies.

The flowering plants still help in the feeling of safety and relaxation, and are related to reducing the probability of depression caused by stress. Spending your time in environments with natural elements increases your energy level and the feeling of vitality. Finally, the act of growing plants is associated with lower levels of stress.