Think Smart with Lutron Compatible Blinds

Smart technology is transforming everyday life and window blinds are not excluded from the beneficial advances.

The ease of control that automated blinds offer to customers in commercial and domestic spaces, their sleek space saving and sophisticated designs and additional security which manually operated blinds cannot boast, mean that people are increasingly turning to the smart solution. Please don’t worry that the technology will require a degree to understand it. These products are operated similarly to other smart applications you may already have around your property.

 Also, don’t fall prey to jargon, phrases like Lutron compatible blinds or Control4 viable, with confusing sales spiel attached. Choose the best local automated blinds supplier and installer: Smart Blinds.

Based in Thatcham and Caversham, it’s a family run firm committed to superior quality blinds, affordability and exceptional friendly and non-jargon heavy service. With over 20 years of experience to draw on, when you choose to work with them on a window or skylight solution, you’ll enjoy confidence, peace of mind and guarantees on work.

“It’s not science fiction; it’s the Internet of Things (IoT), and it’s a key component of home automation and smart homes.”

PC Magazine, 23rd July 2018.

Bring an end to reaching into difficult to access spaces for manual operation; no more twisting, bending and straining or cords tucked away.

The outstanding range of automated blinds means that there is a made to measure and convenient window dressing to suit all tastes, applications and budgets. Moreover, they facilitate cost savings when in situ. Automated window blinds are energy efficient and can be managed to insulate or cool down spaces effectively. Sun and temperature sensors make this simple to achieve.

One battery charge of 24 hours directed to the blinds delivers 5-7 months of power. A rechargeable battery and charger are provided at the time of installation.

Motors are housed within the blinds, so the aesthetic appeal is not compromised.

Smart Blinds home automation packages include standalone remote-control operation, smart device app’s or voice activation.

Home automation systems are perfect for blinds, but customers often struggle to find compatible answers; no more.

Smart Blinds automated blinds efficiently link in to any 3rd party home automation system; including Lutron, Control4, Rako, LightwaveRF, Crestron and other systems. Create a smart home.

Easy to operate Lutron compatible blinds are a delight. From Berkshire to Hampshire, Oxfordshire to Wiltshire and beyond, Smart Blinds experienced team can realise your aspirations. No fuss, maximum enjoyment.

Remember, with Lutron compatible blinds you’re always in control; manage them singly or simultaneously whether you are on or off site.

Blinds movement co-ordinated via a home automation system provides an effective deterrent for burglars and nosy onlookers; even when you are stuck in traffic, at the gym or on holiday they’ll believe you’re there.

Blinds compatible with Lutron are our speciality; there’s little that we can’t tell you about the design, configuration and potential suitability for you. Your home automation system works hard so you don’t have to. We’ll help it to give you your hard-earned freedom.

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