How Much Will I Make If I Sell My House?

Perhaps as a seller, you are hoping that the profit you will get from making a house sale would be feasible to sustain a livelihood for a fresh new start. Within this wishful thinking comes the infamous question: How much will I make out of my house? In this question, a possible answer would be a flat ‘it depends.’ 

Selling your home and thinking about its profit is practical to believe as a seller. You want to weigh in the number of costs you have to shell out to raise your asset’s value and how much of it can return. Here are some ways you can calculate a more accurate price for your home and assume how much you can realistically gain.

The House Sale Formula

First off, you should have a comparative analysis of the marketing prices within your house’s location. Finding the introduced home prices in the area would give you a comfortable price range. Once the price range has been established, it would be easier for you to identify what price is suitable for your home to compete with others. Average houses in the United States start from $200,000 – $250,000 depending on their state. 

After settling down the value range, add the assets you want to highlight in your home. These assets can be a balcony, indoor pool, garden, extra rooms, or a well-ventilated and spacious kitchen. An investment needs to stand out among other homes to be considered an acceptable reason for a price hike. 

Then, deduct the fixtures that you do not want to shoulder or can’t be mended. It is recommended to be transparent with everything about the house to avoid conflicts with the potential buyer. From here, you can somehow provide yourself with the ideal amount you might be paid for.

Calculate Your Profit

In calculating your estimated profit accurately, there are many house sale calculators online that might help you build a confident value for your home. However, knowing the factors that can affect your profit is also your responsibility as a seller. 

List down the factors that will cost you before the sale. These factors include:

  • Repair and Staging expenses
  • Real estate commission (if you are to hire a listing agent)
  • Taxes
  • Professional fees (Attorney, Bank Appraisal, Inspectors)

In listing down the amount of money you will shell out, you would see a clearer picture of your profit. It is then up to you as a seller to provide the best possible return while also giving the new homeowner the most beneficial deal you can offer. Providing benefits for both sides can make the value attract more buyers and easier to close. 


House sales can never be out of numbers and marketing. These two are the elements necessary for a smooth selling process and transaction. A seller must be mindful and hands-on about the specifics of the process to know how much you made after closing the deal. We buy houses so let SnapcashOffers know if you need any help.

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