Tips and Tricks to Consider For a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleeping well and having a regular and peaceful sleep is a very important aspect from several points of view.

For the human being, sleep is naturally concentrated at night, from dusk to dawn. Those who work shifts or travel by plane by changing the time zone must do so, taking care to respect the right recoveries to ensure the minimum hours of sleep. Let’s see the things to consider for a better night’s sleep.

Lifestyle: Lifestyle has a huge impact on the duration and quality of sleep. Let’s see how:

Time and light to sleep well

The time of rest should be as close as possible to the solar one (although we know it to be very difficult, especially in winter). Let’s not forget that in the cold season, the hours of light decrease, which is why we should take full advantage of them to guarantee the hormonal regulation of melatonin and serotonin; this allows you to maintain a good mood.

Ambient light for good sleep

Especially for the most sensitive, it is necessary that during the night, the room is well darkened (for example, by street lamps, car headlights, etc.). However, when awakening, it is important that there is some light to ensure that the brain “understands” that it is time to get up.

Regularity of life to sleep well

A certain systematic nature of habits favors not only sleep but also appetite, alvo, sexual regularity, etc. Waking up, eating, sleeping, working, playing sports, having fun, socializing, and falling asleep more or less always at the same time guarantees a certain balance. In fact, physiological activities, including sleep, are planned and organized by our brain; by excessively disrupting our habits, the nervous system is unable to prepare for sleep.

Avoid the use of television, computers, video games, smartphones, tablets, and any monitor to sleep well.

Also, for the light they emit, but above all, for psychological reasons, they hyper stimulate the brain and do not allow you to sleep well. The use of social networks then triggers a cycle of sometimes negative and deleterious thoughts for a peaceful sleep. Many video games, movies, or TV series have “questionable” content, which is why they should be avoided. Conversely, reading, music, and the warmth of a bath or shower can help you sleep.

Which mattress to choose to sleep well?

Those who sleep in the supine position are generally an advantage on a firm mattress. Conversely, those who sleep on their side or prone, for reasons of shoulder comfort, require greater softness.

There are basically three types of mattresses: spring, memory foam, and latex.

  • Latex mattress: it is rigid but at the same time flexible. They adapt well to the whole body. It holds fewer mites and dust.
  • Memory Foam Mattress: The Memory Foam mattress is composed of a heat-sensitive foam and has no elasticity compared to the latex one. The body rests freely and quietly on this material, immediately feeling enveloped. It is ideal for all body types, especially those that have a good weight-to-shape ratio.
  • Spring mattress: allows good weight distribution and is suitable for those who move a lot; if integrated with memory, it offers relative advantages and in addition allows you to ventilate more, ideal for those who sweat a lot during sleep.

Sleeping well: what position?

The positions taken during sleep are basically 3 (or 4):

  • Supine: or belly up. It is good for the back but is very good for snoring. This, on the other hand, does not allow you to sleep well, both due to the appearance of sleep apnea and the noise it triggers, but also due to the dryness of the pharynx and upper airways.
  • Prone: or on the stomach. Rarer in adults than in children, it is preferred by those who are sufficiently thin and have a fairly pronounced lumbar curve. Visceral obesity sufferers and pregnant women are generally unable to take this position.
  • Lateral (x 2): or on one side. It is appreciated by many as it constitutes a resting position for both the supine and the prone. However, it shows major complications for those who have the habit of sleeping with the arm under the pillow, causing inflammation and pain in the affected shoulder.

Winding Up

The right mattress is the one that best suits your needs. There is, therefore, no ideal product for everyone. To be honest, there are people who sleep well only on hard or soft mattresses. Others are perfectly suited to any genre.

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