How do sliding doors improve the home

Sliding doors for you home and garden

You want to improve the appearance and space of the house; you want a better view and a better entrance and exit to the back garden from the house. So maybe you are considering sliding doors. But have you considered bifold doors?

Here is a blog with a little overview of why bifold doors are a great option for your home and garden improvement:

Sliding doors choices.

Why choose sliding doors or patio doors? Sliding doors onto the patio or porch let in a lot of light, making your home brighter and more open. You can see who is out when you are in and you can see who is in when you are out, you can remove the barrier between house and garden, but the doors can be covered by blinds, nets and curtains for your privacy. Patio doors give a home a touch of style, a better quality, and may even improve your home’s value and saleability.

A new concept for modern homes

Have you heard of bifold patio doors? They are a type of door that can be slid open in the same way as traditional patio doors or folded right back out of the way. Bifold doors are ideal for summer when you want your lounge to become a garden room with no barriers to the outdoors. Perfect for BBQ parties. In the winter and for security, the doors can all be locked, and you can just use one section of the door, a master door, to go in and out and lock behind you.

For more information, advice and illustrations, visit Swing and Slide –

Why Bifold sliding doors?

Bifold sliding doors are smart and seamless, they are lightweight and versatile for different situations, and if you choose aluminium bifold doors, with frames made of lightweight treated aluminum. These are ideal for less able people and older people who don’t want to undo and move heavier doors. They look good and are hard-wearing,long-lived, secure and strong. Aluminium bifold doors are strong enough to support glass sheets while needing less material than some other frames, so they are slimline and sleek. They will certainly give your property an excellent flair and finish.

Sizes to suit

Bifold doors can be fitted in measurements from two to eight doors+, depending on your house and patio size and requirements. So if you have a panoramic view that you are missing out on due to dull traditional doors or a wall in the way, you can look at having bifold doors to ensure that you make the most of the view and the outdoors with the best possible versatile doors. The doors are as secure and weather-proof as traditional doors, so you can have peace of mind if you decide to go for bi-fold style sliding doors. Here is a building website with comprehensive advice and illustrations about sliding doors in bi-fold style:

Make the boundary between indoors and outdoors less noticeable.

If you have a patio or decking, a nice garden, a hot tub or swimming pool, you can take away the boundaries between house and garden, making access to garden amenities and private changing in the house easy and discreet.

You won’t regret the transformation of your house and garden by this innovation in sliding patio doors.

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